Black Huel vs Huel / gluten free / hot food

Me and my husband tried the original huel, the gluten free and the black huel. Unfortunatly the Black Huel was not our favorite. It didn’t taste very good. Kinda made us gag a bit. It does have a chemical taste to it.

The flavors are interesting with the Black Huel.
The strawberry cream was the only one we could handle from the Black Huel.

Even tried with the flavor packets. Of course adding those made my stomach a little upset like the Original huel did. The gluten free was less harsh on my stomach.

We avoid the coffee flavor and caramel since we didnt like it in the original.
The chocolate flavors are not that great, maybe cause the lack of sugar or could be that I just mix them with water but that flavor was not our favorite.

Our go to flavors are banana, original, berry, vanilla, and strawberrys and cream (Black huel only)

We think we will stick to the gluten free huel and the Hot Food.

The hot food is honestly so good and i love the madres and mexican mixs. So friken good even the others we less liked, sweet and sour and tomato.

I also like making nachos mixing madres and mexican together and adding cheese with tortilla chips for a snack. Not super healthy but very good.

But yes thats all just wanted to give my experiances with the ones we bought so far. We have been on huel for 3 months and we feel amazing and engergized.

Easy to make with our busy scheduals and makes life easier for me in the morning I am not a breakfast person. So the shake is a good way for me to get nutrition i need.

Thanks for reading

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Thanks for sharing your views! Huel is all about finding what works for you, you don’t have to like it all - that’s totally normal! If Hot & Savoury works for you then great! When you say the gluten-free Huel you mean our GF v3.0? And these are the flavours you like?

A controversial choice to like Original and Vanilla, many people fall into two very distinct camps when it comes to those 2 flavours!

Thanks for sharing, keep us posted how you get along!

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Yes the GF v3.0. Is pretty good. We decided on berry and original. We do add fruit to the original sometimes but we do like the flavor of it by itself. Yes the hot food is great. We couldnt just drink shakes so we appreciate the variety. I really love the products honestly. I really like the apple cinnimon flavor packets… its insainly good i hope those packets become a thing soon.