Bleep test advice please! 😊

Passed it everyone :muscle:

I was very nervous but it was pretty easy to pass!

Next stop is hitting my next weight goal of 80kg, I’m down 7.3kg thanks to Huel and counting calories :grin:

Let’s hope after all this that I get the job!


Awesome job, Katie! We all had faith. What was your number in the end?

Knew you would do it!

This is great to hear. What’s your target weight loss each month/week? Great Huel is helping. Let us know if you need any more help :hugs:

They stop the test at the required standard these days due to H&S… in the “old days” it used to be best effort to see how much mental resilience and drive you had as well as fitness… criminals don’t stop at lvl 5.4 when they are being chased :rofl: :rofl:

But in all seriousness @KLMHuel really well done, one more weight off your mind. I guess it’s down to the medical and vetting now? Which you should pass, otherwise you wouldn’t have applied for the job!!

It’s a very good point! I was expecting it to be a keep going kind of thing :joy:

Next one will be 6.3 should we get a firm offer of employment!

I’m just waiting on the university to get back to me about the application and then everything else has been passed.

It’s all been in a bit of a weird order thanks to the old covid!

Trying for between .5kg and 1kg a week!

Huel has made it easy to stick to the calorie deficit by making lunch an easy to count 400 :relaxed:


The bit I like (aside from knowing what calories I’m consuming) Is the fact that I justdon’t feel hungry, it’s lunch time and I don’t feel like I could eat a horse. I am going to have a light snack as I’m going to try a walk later.

Does it give you the trots?

Neigh lad.

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That’s very funny. I mean at the time you wrote it I answered with the very same phrase on a Glastonbury festival being cancelled thread elsewhere. Someone asked if they though Cheltenham Gold Cup would still go ahead.

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Lol great when that happens

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