Blend dat ting g

This stuff is life changing. As a student with a tendency to be scatterbrained and sporadic when it comes to eating right, this has transformed the way I think about food. The pace of life that I take on often means that I don’t plan meals properly, and end up eating crap like meal deals and pizza even if I don’t particularly want to. Now I can focus on my work 100% during the day and put more thought into the one meal I do cook, making it much more rewarding and interesting.

A few tips:

  1. I won’t lie, I initially found the stuff absolutely gross, lumpy and underwhelming - akin to the goop they eat on the Matrix. The grossness disappeared when I discovered a tip for the lumps - hot water (from the tap will do) and blend it. It comes out very smooth, and inoffensive. Seriously do this if you are struggling with the taste or texture.

  2. I use the shakers from my Breville Blend-Active - one for breakfast and one for lunch. I prepare both in the evening before bed and stick in the fridge, or just the one if I fancy a fresh hot Huel in the morning. Some heat brings out the vanilla, I find, so is rather nice on a brisk winter morning after a run. Alternatively, I like to chuck my espresso in half way through to give it a bit of ‘omph’. An extra blend in the morning also redistributes the mixture a tad as well.

  3. Blending also makes it easier to pack a bit more powder in so my morning Huel will be 3 scoops, my lunch 2. This means that when I start to get the munchies around 11, the thinner mixture is somewhat more pleasant to sip over the period of a couple of hours.

  4. Use it like porridge. Thick mixture, gentle heat, slam some brown sugar, fruit and soy milk in.

  5. Don’t be totally rigid. Having liquid meals can leave you feeling quite empty quite quickly, so another tip would be to not go all out on the Huel straight away and make sure you have some healthy and filling snacks kicking around… like nuts. You may or may not want them, but I find listening to your body keeps it happy and to a routine with a little planned flexibility.

  6. This leaves me with around a 1000 calorie deficit for the rest of the day, which in all honesty, means I can eat whatever I want (to a degree). Though it tends to be a healthy veg packed evening meal, I know that I can get away with going to the pub or smashing a pizza back occasionally. Either way, this routine has been hugely effective in allowing me to drop that irritating bit of excess belly fat that accumulates from often being quite sedentary and boozy. In effect, this setup gives me a solid base of calories and nutrition, then I can bugger off and enjoy the rest of my food without having to worry about whether I am hitting too many nutritional marks.

  7. I also take quite a comprehensive multivitamin to plug any gaps. I’m not dietician, and I’m not sure how safe this is on top of what Huel provides, but nothing seems amiss and I’m feeling the power.

That’s my little contribution. Thanks for this stuff

:blush: - game changer.

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Hi - glad all’s going well with Huel.

There should be no need for an additional mutivit if the rest of your food you’re eating is decent.