Body fat : 2 big meals or 3 smaller ones?


For avoiding making body fat, is it better to eat:

  • A 600 kcal huel shaker at 8AM
  • A 600 kcal huel shaker at noon


  • A 400 kcal huel shaker at 8AM
  • A 400 kcal huel shaker at 10AM
  • A 400 kcal huel shaker at noon


Same question but not on a “making fat” point of view but on a matter of insulin resistance.

This question may seem stupid but when you have to eat a lot calories, if one solution is better than an other one, it’s better to know it.

Many thanks

Doesn’t appear to make any difference:

Calories in vs. Calories out is still the determining factor as to whether you put on weight.

The psychology involved in which you personally find easier to stick to without overeating is what you should be basing your decision on I guess.


When it comes to balancing sugar levels and managing insulin resistance, medical opinion is divided. Some doctors will tell you to eat little and often to keep your sugar levels stable. But other evidence shows that allowing your body to ‘fast’ between meals rather than graze constantly, strengthens your digestive system and improves insulin sensitivity.

I think it’s down to your own personal constitution. Different methods suit different people.
You will find that Huel is excellent for improving insulin sensitivity anyway, and your sugar levels will naturally become more stable after a few weeks.

The most important thing to tackle insulin resistance is to avoid sugar as much as possible. If you need to snack, snack on nuts or veg rather than fruit. Cut processed sugar completely if you can.
Also giving your body a good long fast overnight is important (for example from 6pm to 8am).
We are all different though - see what works for you.


From zero research but personal xp, definitely the latter. More water intake, also easier on the digestion (insert fart joke).

I tend to split my food into 3 meals per day. Roughly equal for the most part with perhaps a couple of healthy, low cal snacks if I get hungry in between. I eat my last meal no later than 6.30pm and break my fast at 8.30 - 9.30am.

I used to eat my evening meal later, a larger meal between 7pm and 8pm, but find my current routine suits my digestion so much better.

You own your physiology! Only you can try both and determine which benefits you best.