Box for Huel (what at least 15 characters?)


i find these large bags pretty nice, actually i prefer them over the “daily bags” from joylent or mana. But these bags are pretty uncomfortable to close. I bought a 4.4 liter box (something like Tupperware) and put a whole bag in this box. It is amazing! So easy and clean to make a shake. I don’t have to put my arm in the bag for scraping the remains out of the bag. And: I don’t have to seal the bag :wink:

@Huel: Why don’t you sell your own box, which can contain one bag of powder? Like your beautiful shaker…


Thank you for the feedback, we have been asked for smaller tupperwear boxes for taking Huel to work but not this size, could you add a photo please. Thanks :smile:

I’ve added my shaker for scale! A box with the Huel writing on it like the shaker would be nice (although i would’nt buy it, since i’m happy with my container :wink:

By the way: I don’t really get the concept of the daily bags from the competitors, since most of the people do not replace every meal with a soylent. So one bag last for longer anyway… and i guess it is cheaper to produce on large bag and produces less waste.
Edit: This box is mine


How do you scoop the last bits from the bottom of the container? Or do you just refill it when it gets really low, leaving whatever powder was still at the bottom to eventually go stale over time?

At least with a bag you can easily tip it over into the blender/shaker to use up the last bits before throwing it away.

I shake the container and cant it, so the last bits fall in a single corner.
While tipping the bag over into the shaker created quite a mess :wink:

Actually i haven’t done this with THIS container, only with a smaller one. I’ve ordered Huel only once until now. I plan to clean the container every time i emptied it.
But first i have to consume all the other soylents, i ordered for testing…

Pretty simple concept: if you replace half your calories with a soylent, you can do half a pitcher on day one and half a pitcher on day two. If you replace one meal a day with a soylent, you do a third of a pitcher per day. If you just replace an occasional meal, it is easy to convert: A third of a pitcher is 667 calories, or a quarter of a pitcher is 500 calories.

If you make it more infrequently, you can mix half a pitcher. Or, you can use a scoop with the daily bag, which is the same effect as using the scoop from a bigger bag. Except you don’t need to worry about getting some big tupperware container to store it all.

Ah, okay… if you use a larger blender to make the whole bag at once, a daily bag is perfect.
I use only a normal shaker and make single portions. But scooping out of the small bags were not that easy as from a big bag.

I’m new to Huel and did exactly this. My first bags arrived and couldn’t shut the bag so went to Ikea and purchased the largest tupperware box I could find. I think it could fit 2 bags but only put 1 in it right now. I have smaller one I will use to keep a portion or 2 with me.

The bags are fine but if powder gets into the zip bit then its just irritating to get it out again.

I guess now they are shipping in smaller bags I can probably use a smaller container to avoid it going off/stale (is that even possible?)

Next time I place an order from Myprotein, I plan to get one of their storage tubs for my “in use” Huel stash. They do from 500ml to 10000ml - and the biggest one is £3.79.

Are you saying to make it up in one go then store in the fridge made up for 24 hours? Do these jugs (pitchers) have lids?

Oh, no. They’re dry storage barrels, for storing the dry powder. For keeping Huel in once a pouch has been opened.

Sorry, my reply was to @Ric in reference to his post

I dislike the shapeof these things. They are not so nice for scooping out out the powder, if it’s nearly empty. The opening is to narrow, imho. I prefer a more flat box, with a wide opening. But it is very cheap, thats a point for it :wink:

I use a cereal container (£2 from Asda) - a bit taller than a cereal box, big enough opening to scoop the powder out easily and holds probably about 1.5 of the bigger pouches - so not uncomfortably full with one.



Hey Stolen,
Thank you so much for the tip with the Emsa Optima box. I just got the 4.4l version and it’s so easy to put the powder in and get it out. Really love it. I also got the 0.38l Version for the flavoring powder. Perfect!


Mine arrived today! The 4000 ml for storage and 1250 ml for travel.

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Thanks for your reply, Frank! I’m extremly happy with mine, too. Imho far superior to these cheap tubs, since it is flatter and easier to scoop out the last remains. :slightly_smiling:

hmm a round tub? I prefer the edge to be flatter so that you can get a perfect flat scoop, also transparency also helps to see what you are doing, but only if you are storing it in a cupboard.

Emptying an entire Huel bag into a small tub is problematic, with the way the Huel bags are designed for freshness. The large opening on this tub helps you put the entire bag in so ZERO spillage.

After all of my investigations and tub tests, I settled on something like this and have used perfectly for over a year now.

Also fits an entire bag of Huel perfectly. All it is missing is the Huel logo :wink:

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I really like that Emsa Optima option, but would like something that’s opaque. I know a lot of nutrients are light sensitive, so I’d prefer to store my Huel in something like it that wouldn’t let light pass through.

Has anyone found something similar that’s not clear?