Broke my elbow

i know this is off-topic, but i will make it sort of on topic by saying that huel certainly makes food less hassle when one arm is out of action.

i slipped on wet steps on wednesday and landed full weight on my arm a low wall. i screamed and swore like a total lunatic, but it’s situations like this that swearing was f***ing invented for!

trying to get used to using the computer one handed. i am right handed and its my right elbow thats broken.

i work from home doing website stuff. haven’t told my main client about my elbow. i am still managing to get some work done, it just takes me longer with one hand. i am hoping december will be a quiet month and they won’t notice.

making huel with one hand is ok, just takes a bit longer.

i hope you’re all well. if you have two hands, don’t take them for granted. tying shoe laces is really easy with two hands, but not totally impossible with one.


Sorry to hear about that, hope it heals up well.

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Having tried to type with a broken collar bone… damn, you have my sympathies!

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thanks. i had a broken collarbone years ago too. that was the worst. hurt every time i moved.

Best I ever did was a fractured and dislocated shoulder…my good arm too…so I can sympathise…hurt for months…worst long term is my knee ligaments, still play me up 12 or 13 years later, while fractured ribs are painful too. Ho hum.

how did you get these injuries? rugby? wrestling bears?

@Marcus, just in case you find it useful - have you ever heard about one-handed keyboards and/or “mirrorboards”? There are hardware ones, but there are also programs or “settings” (even free) for different OSes that you can run to make your normal keyboard work as a mirrorboard. And they are crazy useful.

The most interesting thing is that learning to use them takes minutes, so much so that I got into them voluntarily just to be able to work my keyboard one-handed while keeping my other hand on the mouse, while working in a CAD-like environment.

The “mirroboard” thing started here:


Hey, thanks for the suggestion. Today I have actually rediscovered the voice recognition function in Google Docs. In fact, I have just used it to type this reply. It’s not perfect but it is easier to correct something with one or two mistakes than it is to type one handed.

Hope it heals soon.

You’re forgiven for the lack of upper case letters!

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Thanks James.