Calorie Deficiency

Morning All

I’ve been using Huel now for a couple of weeks for main goal of weight loss. I currently weigh just over 15 stone and am trying to lose at most 3 stone over the next 7 weeks (i know, quite drastic). Im getting married at the end of May and for whatever reasons ive not been able to start a decent weight loss program until now. I use Huel for Breakfast and Lunch and have a meal in the evening, sometimes not the healthiest. I am partial to a few JD & Full Fat Coke during the week and a bit more at the weekend. Ive just started getting back out on my bike and am riding to work most days. According to my FitBit i usually burn between 3000 - 3500 calories a day before i started riding, including a daily ride it will take it to about 4000 - 4250 daily. Would it be possible to lose the 3 stone by end of May without being dangerous, ive heard if you have too much of a deficit it wouldn’t work and you’d burn more muscle than calories, im using weights for upper body so hopefully wouldn’t lose too much muscle. I have a suit fitting at the end of March so would be nice to drop a little by then. Any help or pointers would be fantastic



If my maths are correct, you’d need to lose on average 6lbs/week to meet your goal. I’d say this is unrealistic to do in a healthy way.

If you are determined to reach that weight for your wedding I’d recommend a protein-sparing modified fast (PSMF) which is a very low calorie diet with some protein, fluids, and vitamin and mineral supplementation. However you really need to do your research first and make sure you do it correctly, as the plan you follow varies depending on your current bodyfat level. I found it pretty advanced compared to other diets.

Thanks for the reply Dan. I thought it may be a bit too optimistic, id like to get at least 2 stone off me if i can. The PSMF sounds quite complex too stick with thats why i chose Huel, my minds a bit blown anyway from organizing the wedding.

Even 2 stone in 7 weeks is quite extreme and being in a significant calorie deficit will blow your mind away and leave you exhausted, wedding or no wedding!

I don’t want to discourage you, though. A smaller amount would be more realistic, less draining - leaving you more able to deal with the stress of the wedding - and would still be quite a significant change, visually.

That’s a ridiculous cut. God knows why you left it this late to try and lose weight.

If you reference calories is ~3k a day, then have between 2/2.5k a day of Huel and cut out those jack and cokes. I’m partial to the odd single malt myself, but you’ve got goals, and you can have results or excuses in this world.

I don’t think you could lose that much weight in that kind of time scale, that’s obscene. And even if you could you wouldn’t want to, your mood and mindstate would be, to put it gently, in the shitter.

That seems a bit high? 3000 calories before you started exercising? Even on days where I go to the gym and do a 5km run on the treadmill and 45 minutes weights I don’t break 3000, never mind 4000.