Can I cancel a delivery that is coming in 3 days?

Still have more than enough Huel to last me and forgot to cancel my subscription would there be any way of cancelling the delivery and refunding my money?

Best email 'em

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I think it depends on if “coming in three days” means “shipping in three days” or means “already shipped and should arrive to you in three days”.

If it’s already shipped, the best you can do is use their return policy. But if it’s set to ship in three days, you should be able to go in and just change the date on your next delivery…

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If you’ve just got a notification email three days before informing you that your subscription is about to fulfil then we won’t have charged you and you can just change the date in your account, or just drop us an email to get us to do it. However if you delivery has processed and expected delivery is in 3 days (i.e. you ordered Friday morning, thus it wouldn’t come until Tuesday), then you would need to get us to RTS (return to sender) or wait for it to arrive and send it back to us.

However it looks like this was picked up on Friday and we have processed a refund already for you :call_me_hand:

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Yes it has, Thankyou!