Can I order in someone elses name?


So I found myself in a strange position! My ID expired recently and I am not able to get a new one before next week, however I need to order Huel, so I wonder if I can order in my girlfriends name so that she can pick it up for me? Is this possible somehow?

@Tim_Huel halp! :joy:

Hey @Squizzle, I’m not 100% sure how it works in Sweden, but I wasn’t aware of any requirement to have a matching ID to the recipient on receiving the parcel. I can’t imagine ordering Huel under your GF’s name will cause any issues, it would just look like a regular Huel order delivered to her.

I’m sure I’ve missed something here, sorry in advance, fire across some more information and I’ll dig deeper. Based on the info here I don’t think it would be an issue.

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Thanks for the reply
I dont think an ID is required if UPS hand it over in person however if it arrives to the parcel pickup they seem to require it, would it work to change my name under Account to hers possibly? Saw that was possible lol

Didn’t realise this was for a subscription. Unsure if that would work, let me know her name and I can do this but if it doesn’t work could you not just take her ID to the pick up?

@Tim_Huel I changed billing and shipment to her name as we live on the same adress. Is it visible from your end now?

It sure is!

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