Can you still pay for non subscriptions via BTC in UK?

Happy new year huelers :slight_smile:
Can we still pay for our non subscription orders with BTC? I always used to and it is my preferred option :slightly_smiling_face:
Just can’t see it in the options anymore.


Great question!

Probably removed once everyone realised Bitcoin is a sham :confused:

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lol, hardly.

Bitcoin is absolutely not a sham. Massive investment in it by the general public was misplaced and unsustainable, but the underlying product is just as valuable as it’s always been

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Meh, I’d tend to disagree specifically about Bitcoin.

Blockchain technology, absolutely invaluable, but its application in Bitcoin I’m simply not convinced. Giant pump and dump scheme too volatile to be useful in anything other than laundering and anarchy.

I guess I’m a little more convinced by Eth, but still.

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Just because some people have used it in certain ways does not make it a scam. Pretty sure fiat has funded it’s fair share of crime and also pump and dump schemes.

I agree bitcoin is not the endgame for crypto but it’s a step in the right direction. First mover advantage is always going to help.

Check out nano, fast, feeless and great mobile wallets. This coin is what bitcoin should’ve been…

anyway, back to topic is BTC not accepted in the UK anymore?

No no, I’m not calling it a scam at all. I appreciate it’s not a scam. I said sham, in the sense that it’s too unpredictable and too insider controlled to be useful in anything other than a minimally calculated gamble.

There are other coins I follow and am generally a fan of blockchain, although maybe not its power consumption.

Back on topic - I haven’t seen the Bitcoin option in a fair while. Paging @Tim_Huel, wakey wakey on this fine Friday.

I’ll ask the team. Sorry for delay.

                          Phil         Tim


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Come on hurry up @Tim_Huel




It’s been off for quite some time apparently. Stripe, the payment support we use, turned off support for BTC in January last year, we used another system for some time but it didn’t work with Shopify. The amount of people using BTC was minuscule so we turned it off. Sorry for any inconvenience here, hope that answers your question.

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