Cardio or heavy weights


Afternoon everyone

An unusual question, which may get divided answers …
As my weight is dropping, (THANKYOU Huel) should I spend more time doing cardio to lose weight OR heavy gym work to keep muscle and get stronger ?
Some weeks my weight doesn’t seem to drop … and weight loss has slowed recently …
I also do a 3+ mile dog walks virtually daily and 2-3 10+ mile cycle rides per week

Off to the gym now … I do 3+ visits for about a hour a week (shoulders, chest and heavy weights today … should I be better off spending the hour on cardio ??)


Ideally both.
However, strength is more useful during cut to keep muscle mass and also muscles increase your metabolism.

I usually say I do weights for my body and cardio for my brain as I feel this is true, for me.


Yes ideally both.

I do 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes weights. They say cardio burns the most calories but with weight training you keep on burning even on the next day. So I think the ideal workout should have both.


Think the gym will stay my heavy weight sessions and cardio sessions will be cycling and long walks !

Now to keep losing the lbs …


Personally I’d go with the weights.
But I’m not saying “don’t do cardio”, I’m saying “don’t do cardio in the gym” :stuck_out_tongue:

Get out on a bike or something, it’s much more interesting and if you have to go from A to B for a moderate distance anyway (3+ miles daily but not something ridiculous like 20 each way on a daily basis) it really doesn’t take a huge amount of extra time up

edit: only just noticed that your last comment indicates that this is exactly what you plan to do :slight_smile:


Can do all the weights in the world but have a crap heart.

Get some cardio done and keep the old beater going strong. Remember, the heart is a muscle that needs training more than any other muscle in the body. :smiley:

I know people who can bench 200 but can’t run a 5K for shit.

I find a 10k every Sunday keeps it chugging along just fine.


I agree … with all comments :+1:
Think the cycling and dog walks will cover much of the cardio work
So I reckon I have To keep up the good work and maybe intensify it occasionally


I use Fitbit to track my calories expended. If you eat a 500 defecit you will loose weight. Eat 500 more you will gain weight. Weight training is better for getting in shape.