Carrageenan update?

Here is a nice summary of issues with carrageenan:

How much carrageenan does one consume if one eats 2000kcal worth of Huel per day?

What is the status on the revised Huel formula that does not contain carrageenan?

Also curious. I remember James acknowledging it but hasn’t really been discussed since, certainly deserves some consideration…

I’ve read this piece, the studies they reference are all on animal subjects and they consume up to 5% of their diet as carageenan!

When consumed in moderate amounts (under 5% of total diet), it has not been shown to cause adverse effects

I actually don’t know the amount of carageenan in Huel, but it certainly isn’t even close to 5% of total product and therefore would be even less for the majority that use Huel once or twice a day.

We know there is negativity surrounding the ingredient and if there is a way we can omit carageenan without compromising on taste and texture then we will do it. As with anything, we’re certainly working on it.

Hi guys

Carageenan has some negativity, but it’s mostly because of the similar compound, polygeenan.

The amount in Huel is less than 0.5% of the product. We are working on removing it - not because there are any potential harmful effects, because I don’t agree - but because it’s unpopular with some due to a few negative internet articles. However, we want to replace the gum blend with something superior.

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