Checking out

Spent a whole lunch break trying to check out my order…do you not actually want me to pay??? Have been told the product is good but the time-wasting website isn’t. How to scare off a customer in one go,

i think it’s an early Halloween prank.


Hey there thanks for raising this. Could you fire across some details?

  • Any error messages appearing?
  • Which site are you on?, etc.
  • What browser/device are you using?
  • What is in your basket?
  • Subscription or single purchase?

Really sorry you’re having issues. In the meantime try a different device and browser and possibly clear cache/cookies.

Thanks for the response - and for the Halloween comment :slight_smile: …hadn’t thought of that. Went home, tried again using internet via mobile phone and had no problems. Am actually loving the product. Ideal for yoga days where no time to eat evening meal and generally having it twice a day. As a vegan it is also a means of grabbing a meal on the go without the hassle of cooking/chopping veg. Comparing notes with my son who recommended it to me. Will be sticking with this. Sometimes makes it thicker and eat with spoon in the morning. Feels like I’m having ready brek or similar.