Chemical smell on the flavour boosts!?


Have been using the unflavoured Huel with the sample flavour boosts.
Enjoyed them all (though the pineapple and rhubarb were a bit too sweet for me).
I decided on the caramel boost and bought a pack.
However, the larger pack has a chemical smell to it! It is really unpleasant and travels round the room.
Is this normal with the flavour boosts because of the larger quantity??
Do you get the chemical smell with all the flavour boosts in the bigger packets or is it just some?
Or have i got a bad batch?


Id like to try another flavour pack but dont want to buy one if they all have the chemical smell…
Please advise!

Hey there, sorry for missing this one. I’m so sorry you weren’t pleased with your Caramel :frowning: , I’ll drop you a DM and we can try and sort this one out for you. :+1:

Thank you! Really apprectiate it!
I think i just replied to the wrong thread oops!

I find that flavour boosts work best when mixed in with the water BEFORE adding the huel powder. Use a coffee frothier whisk or hand blender (whilst holding the cup firmly on the counter!!!) Then when you add the huel, it can all get a share of the flavour making a more impressive experience.

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Will try that next time!