Chocolate Premixed Huel


I like the idea of bounty Huel :slightly_smiling_face:
What do you use for coconut flavour @DunsfordMage? Or do you put dessicated coconut in the blender?



Definitely going to be grabbing a bag of this. I prefer pre-mix to using flavour boosts but don’t really like mint flavours (not just Huel, but generally) so wasn’t a fan of the mint choc.

Also chocolate should mix well with other flavours e.g. banana, coconut, peanut butter…

…maybe i’ll need 2 bags!



@ChristinaT Dessicated coconut from BulkPowders, same place I get my cacao buttons from :yum:



Great to hear you’re excited guys- Do let us know what you think once you’ve recieved the product and had a chance to try :slight_smile: Have a great day



I’ve just mixed up my first chocolate shake…
First impressions…
whAt is thAt ?!

I’m gonna let it fridge for a bit
I’m not convinced that soaking and chilling is going to make it even vaguely resemble chocolate but you never know


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Can you describe it?!



I’ll go taste it again !



@Hdoyle I’m actually completely stumped.
I can’t identify the taste - I can’t liken it to anything really.
It definitely doesn’t taste like chocolate.
I actually think it’s really terrible :sob:
So bad, I’m wondering what has gone wrong ?!
@TimOfficialHuel @LeeOfficialHuel did anyone actually taste this ?
How can it taste so bad?! And nothing like chocolate? Have I got a duff batch?! I’m confused… the cacao flavour boost is amazing. The chocolate flavour boost is too sweet for me but did taste quite chocolatey and was pleasant enough.
What on earth did they flavour the premix with?!

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You have me worried now @ChristinaT. Mine is due to be delivered tomorrow :thinking:



That is surprising (and a bit worrying). I never considered it could miss the mark too much on taste since I enjoyed both the Chocolate and Cacao flavor boosts. I had assumed that chocolate is such a common flavour profile for various food and drink that there must be quite well known ways of re-producing it.

Not ordered mine just yet; might wait to hear some more feedback from others…



Well, it will be interesting to see what others think.
I also really dislike new Vanilla, and I hate Berry so my taste buds aren’t necessarily typical of the average Hueler.

But I LOVE cacao boost and the chocolate boost was ok. And as everyone knows, adding cacao powder to Huel is like a magical combination. But this premix is something completely different.

I really am stumped. The flavour is peculiar.
Chocolate is a pretty basic flavour, I’m not sure how it could go ‘wrong’.

I’ll be waiting for everyone else’s verdict…



I love Vanilla and have recently bought another bag of berry (it sort of grew on me) so it will be interesting to see how I feel about chocolate. Thing is, if I don’t like it on its own I will add instant coffee, cacao, mocha, pb etc etc and not buy any more when it’s gone. Simples.



Interested to know what this is like - I like the mint chocolate for a change but like the thought of just chocolate on it’s own!



Cristina, this is awful news that you don’t like the product & haven’t had a good experience! Any more detail you can give us would be greatly appreciated

Chocolate obvioulsy is completely different to cacoa from a flavour profile standpoint. As you know, chocolate is creamier, sweeter & milkier in taste & cacao is richer, bitter & stronger in roasted notes.

All our products are signed off by the NPD team & senior management teams so it certainly has been tested. Keep us posted!

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Is it perhaps more of a US “chocolate” taste like Herschey’s? That never tasted anything like chocolate to me either :smiley:



I’m very intrigued with this 'ere ‘chocolate’ flavour and looking forward to trying it for myself.

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So it doesn’t taste like Chocolate Frijj then? :frowning:



I love the chocolate one… scrumptious



@Ian42 it tastes nothing like a chocolate frijj :sob:

I think maybe it does taste a bit like Hershey’s @dharkhig - which to me tastes sour / gone off / pretty disgusting, and nothing like chocolate.

@LeeOfficialHuel I think I was expecting / hoping it would taste similar to the chocolate flavour boost or the cacao flavour boost. The chocolate fs to me tastes similar to Cadbury’s dairy milk. Whereas the premix tastes nothing like real chocolate at all. But maybe is more like American chocolate (?)
It’s not to my taste at all.
But it’s not really a problem because to me, Unflavoured Huel plus cacao powder makes the best chocolate Huel ever.



Is it like when you’re expecting an amazing Easter Egg and then you’re given a supermarket own brand one that you know will taste of library air and old cardboard, and you’re simply devastated?

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