Chocolate ready to drink in the future?

This may have been asked but couldn’t find any references to it.
With the launch of Chocolate powder is there any plans for ready to drink chocolate in the future?

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Im sure of that. Chocolate and Coffee flavour.

When? I expect it soon, Maybe in 3-4 months,


They need me to approve the chocolate flavour before they release it :wink:
I am the expert of all things chocolate :laughing:
I’m positive there is a way up make delicious chocolate Huel.
Reeeeeal chocolate please guys!


You’re like modern Charlie. All you need is your own chocolate factory :wink:


Love that idea, Jon! I would be lying if I said you were the first to suggest it, so who knows what could happen :male_detective:

What other flavours would you be keen to see? I hear Coffee above (@airiartev), what sort of Coffee would you want? Like a latte style or like a super punchy espresso flavour?

That is a very good question… Espresso style would be great to have, like a kick-in drink, but the mass market maybe preffers a latte.

In a perfect world I would love both. If I have to choose, the espresso. If I have to think in the market latte.

Salted caramel would be good