Christmas Wish list topper for many Huelers

So, many of you indulge in Christmas, and rather than worrying about the best flask, shaker or storage solution for your Huel, what should be at the top of many of your Christmas list is this if you’re a geezer: or maybe this if you are a lassie:

I can’t vouch for the effectiveness, but maybe could be included with all first orders of Huel instead of a t-shirt.


Think ill stick with asking for a new bottle. :rofl:

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LOL…probably for the best.

I’ve seen these before and really think it would be a hilarious brand partnership!

Please can you get some and let us know?

I don’t actually have the complaint that others do, so I am not the ideal candidate. I’m sure there are more suitable purchasers. Pretty expensive though…so I hope they do the job…

Brilliant :joy::joy::joy:

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I just spent an entertaining 5 minutes reading the reviews for these!:joy:
Shame they’re currently unavailable!

I think that’s because your fellow Huelers have bought them all and the stock shortage correlates with the stock shortage of Huel.

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Ah! That makes sense!
Guess I’ll just have to keep blaming the cats then…:blush:

@hunzas Did you write one of those reviews?

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Ha ha, there was a Viz-type one I could have sworn was you…