Complete Foods survey 2018

This has been running a couple of years now, just a massive survey of people using Complete Foods with some fairly interesting results, you can see the 2017 breakdown over here,

Highlights from 2017:

  • 51% of respondents have been using Complete Foods for 1 year or more
  • People try Complete Foods for convenience and nutritional completeness
  • On average people replace 1 meal per day, 13% uses it for all meals of the day
  • Unlike what experts expected, 25% lose weight with Complete Foods
  • The average user is a 30 year old man who is highly educated and cares about sustainability
  • 52% of people who use Complete Foods are flexitarian or vegetarian/vegan
  • Complete Foods are bought primarily online via the website of the different brands

I’m kind of curious how that’s going to change in 2018. If you want to get involved you can do that below…

Be anonymous if you like, but five submissions are going to win an €85 package from the participating companies. (Queal, Holfood, KetoChow, Lently, MealSquares, Next Level Meal, Satislent, Saturo, Shake2Day, Trinkkost, Vitaline, Vitaminfood). Shame not to see Huel in that list.


Interesting stuff. I’ve done the survey :slight_smile:

I just did it.

I would like to know why Huel does not actively participate in such a survey (@Tim_Huel) . Having one of the largest user databases, not actively collaborating creates a huge gap and results in a biases and misrepresentations in the data. For instance, currently US market is under represented. Huel backing it could change part of it.

I honestly think this kind of surveys/market analysis should be done by external audits backed up by all (most companies). At least the bigger ones.

I share more of my thoughts here
plus I do a little analysis of last years survey and explain why is fairly biased and conclusions cannot be taken to heart.

Done here in 10 characters

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