Consuming the Raw, Powdered Huel?


What are your thoughts on just scooping it right into your mouth? Has anyone tried to eat it in its powdered form in order to take the product to the next level of convenience? I’m a bit of a masochist so I won’t mind the taste.

Faster and easier? Just tastes bad? There couldn’t possibly be health consequences, right?


You go first and report back.


lol, well I am willing to try it if people are interested.


Bet you don’t manage 3 scoops.


Oh, fine. I’ll try it. My portion size is 3.5 scoops soooooo



Oh god. It fell all over my face and caused a big mess on my desk and floor!


My dress shirt is ruined. Thank god no one was watching because I’m just in my office. I think I managed to clean it all up.


You have to be a troll


I really wish I WAS trolling. I’m going to have to wear a jacket over my undershirt for the rest of the day.


I have said it many times …
I drink 300ml water, pour in 2 scoops of huel into my mouth and jump up and down

I get a workout, saves washing up and mixing the huel in my mouth !

I am of course joking :joy::rofl:


Makes much more sense than OP.


hey! What the heck did I do?!


Alright, hunzas wins the pool. You got me. I got to about 1.2 scoops before I gave in and mixed the rest with water. Official conclusions: not worth it. It takes longer, it’s messier, it tastes worse, the experience is way less pleasurable. It takes forever for the stuff to dissolve in your mouth and it doesn’t taste good while it’s there. The easier thing to do is to just mix it with a decent amount of water and gulp it all down.


I wont make comments…


I’m definitely gonna try to stay out of this too.

This forum reminds me of being in school.
Some people take it very seriously and others are just here to mess about and be class clown. Yes @hunzas, I’m looking at you! Then there are the teachers, the @officialhuel peeps, everyone’s favourite teacher you know whow you are (!!) the head and deputy - JH and JC - the bullies and the bullied, and the one who want to be teacher’s pet. Okay, maybe not that last bit.


And I guess Huel is the school dinner?


The crazy thing is, I’m quite keen to try eating the powder dry myself now. Just for the experience. Which I know will be awful. OK, someone shoot me, I’ve clearly lost my mind.


Pics or it didn’t happen


Ugh. OK. I’ll try it with Berry shortly. I warn you it won’t be a pretty picture.