Consuming the Raw, Powdered Huel?


Was directed at OP but feel free :joy:


What a shame, I can’t upload the video. Took me about 5 mins to eat less than one sccop. Still going strong. Ish.

Stopping now or I’ll be here all day. At least I haven’t ruined any clothes. Kitchen covered in fine white powder, as per.


You and I had a similar experience. Very messy. And by no means more efficient as it takes forever to consume.


And what the heck, dude. I showed you the picture of my dress shirt being ruined! Would you not be satisfied unless I literally show you the dissolving huel in my mouth?


That’s what I thought, and why I assumed the gauntlet was being thrown in my direction.


Mine wasn’t so messy. Or maybe my kitchen is already such a mess it made no difference! But time consuming? Oh boy.

Time for someone else to try.


Ruined my sofa now.


And your good looks ??



Certainly improved them.




no pic on my screen dude. Might be a tablet rather than being on laptop issue


lol it’s fine.


I like mixing a scoop of powder with a little rhubarb or yoghurt. Nice and dry/chewy.


Funny that. It was quite similar to what I was originally gonna post…some lines, a mirror and razor blade also included.


Great/immature minds think alike.


almost certainly an Amazon Silk browser issue

In any case replying via mails right now so zero chance of seeing pics now :smiley:


I always have my powder lined up ready to go


Well… This is crazy


You’re either using very small scoops, or that’s one mahoosive razor! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: