Cooking H&S

I just make my H&S in the provided cup and it works well for me.
My wife finds it tastes a little undercooked for her.

So how about chucking Huel and water into a saucepan and cooking it like a packet soup or tin of beans?
Would that work? Is it possible to overcook it?


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Glad you’re a fan! You can for sure cook this on the hob. One of my colleagues regularly cooks her Korma H&S on the hob and adds some frozen spinach and cauliflower.

Encourage your wife to experiment and see which method or consistency works for her!


It’s a very flexible meal. I tend to leave mine covered for at least 10mins as I like it less chewy. I sometimes steam a cupful of frozen mixed veg in the microwave and add that in when it’s done. Makes it a bit more filling when you’re really hungry.


Thanks :slight_smile: We’ll give it a shot

I just picked up a rice cooker. Has anyone tried that? Maybe mixing in the H&S with some uncooked rice or barley?
Depending on how adventurous I am this weekend, I might be answering my own question here.

I made a Biriyani using rice, vegetables and the Korma H&S - took a couple of goes to get right (biriyani is a challenge at the best of times) but turned out nice in the end.