Correct scoop Huel Black?

I got a scoop for Huel v3 Unflavoured which says 94cc. Each scoop gives me ~50g as announced which is nice.

For Huel Black Chocolate I got another scoop, not the same design, which says 94ml. I didn’t notice at first that the scoop was of the same size - so I thought a scope would give ~45g which the label says.

But no; when I opened one Huel v3 and Huel Black at the same time, taking one scoop from each for every meal, I noticed that the latter runs out much faster, even though both should contain the same amount of meals.

I started to weigh the powder and consistently gets that a Huel Black scoop is ~50g. Did I really get the correct scoop for Huel Black? If yes, why is it of the same size as for Huel v3? It does not feel alright to provide a scoop that is too big.

scoopgate XX

Just weigh it. No messing with scoops. No angst over sizes. Be a spectator to scoopgate.


Yes you did. The serving size for v.3.0 is 50g per scoop and for Black Edition this is 45g however we don’t have a separate 45g scoop as we found this would be too confusion to have a scoop with 5g difference.

If you want to be precise with these measurements and your calorific intake, then we always suggest using scales anyway as each scoop size will naturally differ.


sure is :stuck_out_tongue:


How can a dedicated scoop lead to confusion? Just provide a scoop with black color.

@JewyB Any excuse for a impractical jokers meme :joy:

@tobiajo I will make sure to pass this feedback on for you, in the meantime like I said for an exact measurement I suggest using scales to weigh out 45g per scoop.


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