Craving for Huel


I finished my first two bags of Huel last week and didn’t realize it would still take a few days for a new one to arrive (given weekend, etc). I experienced something really unexpected: I was really craving to have Huel each morning (I just take it in the mornings) and started feeling like I’m in a bad mood due to no proper breakfast, I guess.

I just got the packages from the post office and immediately made some, even though I’m still going to have regular dinner tonight.

Is this normal? Do more people feel this? I’ve seem topics where people crave other things, but I’ve been craving to have some Huel. It seems something related to the powder version, since the bars didn’t do any good.

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Yup I crave my powder if I don’t have any for a day or two…



Not willing to try it out, but think I’d crave Huel as well.
Heck, probably even before the first ‘non-Huel day’ would be over. :rofl:



Haha definitely; I just went on holiday with my Huel Bars and jumped straight back to the powder when I got back :’)
It’s funny how much our bodies actually want proper nutrition, huh

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Yes, I reckon that’s what it is. Mind you, I’m close to being addicted to the Huel Bars, but I only eat one when I’m hungry, and then I don’t feel I need to eat anything else for quite a while. I do crave Huel when I wake up. I wouldn’t want to be without it for more than a day or two!

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@Africorn How many pieces are you chopping them up to now? 50? :smiley:

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:smile: Only 24 now!