Craving solid food

Hi All

I’ve been swapping one meal.for huel for some time and it really helped my inflammatory bowel disease

Moved on 2 a day feeling great but I’m getting major craving for solid food at lunch time is this something I just need to push through or is there a technique to elevate it

Thanks in advance

You could try making a half shake and having a bar as well? I tried that at the weekend and it felt like two mini meals!


you could just break it up and have the Huel for breakfast and dinner with a regular lunch?

Ill try that next week as back on nights

When on days though been social animals I need to eat with my other half

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Ordering some bars could be a plan anyway while on nights the vending machine can be a killer

I tried the chocolate orange one and the salted caramel one last week (as I was able to order individual ones on my Ocado shop). I’m not sure they are for me but you may have more success, and the new raspberry one sounds pretty nice.

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