Cure for digestive issues

I’m really interesting in using Huel & building to 100% except maybe 2/3 meals a week.
Main reasons being weight loss, & a cure for bad skin and multiple digestive issues which I’m pretty sure are due to a bad diet and work stress (which leads to the bad diet.)
Having a no-thought eating plan which provides everything needed seems too good too be true.
Has anyone else noted changes in skin and/or stomach troubles since starting Huel?
Thanks in advance!

My skin feels smoother, it did after about 2 weeks. This may have been due to poor hydration or diet previously but huel and water is awesome.

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I’m going to echo the ‘better skin’ result here as well. After about 10 weeks of 2/3 Huel, more or less, I’m seeing far fewer skin blemishes/spots/issues than I had before.

One of the great side effects that I wasn’t expecting or looking for but am happy to have noticed.

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