Customer service this morning

Huel customer service is phenomenal. Seriously, I registered just to say so. Customer service is at a nadir from most corps at the moment, so goddam congratulations on being so human.


Thanks for your kind words. I only started on Monday as well.

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Eh? Are you talking about a new job rather than huel? Or are you pretending to be new?

Shurely shome mishtake

Edit… sigh… changing my original edit back from welsh into English so the rest of you can actually understand.

I was pretending to be a customer service agent. But you totally overthought and ruined my joke.

Isn’t that Scottish?

I thought Huel support was based in Aylesbury?

It is but using that as a punchline makes it even less use than the original joke. Hang on a minute let’s see what the majority say:

I thought Huel support was based in Aylesbury?

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All my hard work, gone.

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I’m afraid so. Gone. And it was a good joke. Well thought out. Great timing. Could have been your big break. But now not to be. Perhaps Huel will continue to offer great service and you will get another chance. Thats pretty much your best bet. Otherwise its all looking hopeless…

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balloon burst


Thanks for making our day! You made it into our bi-monthly All Hueligans meeting because it made us smile so much :blush:

Just to really kick you while you’re down, Coup absolutely does not work for Huel if anyone was in any doubt.

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Wait, there’s a meeting where you discuss our forum posts?

.oO(quickly considers my post history)

I believe “shurely shome mishtake” started life as a Private Eye line?

It’s a bastard to get it through the spell-check auto-correct, though!

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You are correct, however I was applying it to sean Connery who always sounded the same whatever character he was playing.

It’s complicated.

In other news my town was in Private Eye this week, and coincidentally on the main BBC news last night.

My hometown was in Raised By Wolves which we watched this week, albeit a number of years late to the party. Not “mentioned” per se, but Gramps had apparently stolen a dressing gown from a hotel the show had invented for the purpose. Made me smile, although in hindsight not necessarily something of wide appeal on this forum.

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Haha no no no. Twice a month we have a meeting all together and discuss updates on everything from across the business. Our CEO screenshotted your post and said well done to the team, that’s all! Stand down :guardsman:

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That’s a combination of mentions that is rarely for a positive and uplifting story, @hunzas ! Let me guess - a lead councillor has been forced to resign over some business involving an intern and a sherry trifle?

  1. A well known Tory MP visited town effectively breaking lockdown rules as he travelled 17 miles just to go to a Catholic church as only one in area conducting mass in Latin

  2. Our annual shindig was cancelled for second year in a row. The middle classes are outraged.

So many lols over this

And yes @Lighteater i believe that’s correct, certainly it’s where I got it from.

Pretty sure it originated there as a way of mocking the notoriously drunken editors of certain publications in wapping! :joy: