📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


Dunno if this is of any interest at this time of the month but I certainly found it so and it’s not even relevant to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It goes into the details of female hormones and metabolism increases during the whole month of a female cycle.


Day 88

Weight: 55.6kg can it really be??? didn’t exercise at all yesterday

Food Intake: (1380kcal in)

  • 90g Huel + 15g strawberry whey
  • ~160g baked salmon
  • 1 tortang talong w ketchup
  • 1/2 lemon protein bar
  • 1 Vanilla Powerplus protein bar (133kcal)
  • 106g chicken slices
  • 34g 1 small chocolate roll bun & 34g 1 slice red bean Hokkaido bread

Exercise: (3152kcal out)

  • Gym workout
  • Beach ultimate frisbee
  • A lot of walking (22394 steps)

Other Observations:

  • I’m feeling SO BLOATED I hate it :< It’s very easy to mistake it for feeling fat or looking fat sigh my stomach’s protruding out. I would’ve accepted my weight having bounced back to 58kg even since ughhh. A good indicator that sometimes, the scale is more objective than “how you feel”, because I feel FAT ASFCK but apparently I’ve lost some weight?
  • Who knows, 55kg could just be in my reach by mid/20th July!
  • Shizzzz this is the largest deficit I’ve had, ever. Almost 1800kcal lmao, didn’t even think it was possible. It seems I’ve burnt even more than the day I had frisbee for 6h, and the day I walked ~25000 steps but burnt around 2500kcal. Strength training definitely burns calories + the afterburn.
  • ED: I can’t help but feel kinda proud I ate only 1380kcal. And happy I was so active today (3152kcal is literally the most I’ve ever burned). Please remind me again why having too large a deficit is bad!!! Yeah I need to remind myself that what I’m looking for is a sustainable long term lifestyle, not a quick fix where I burn out and give up. I don’t want my metabolism to adjust to eating less. I don’t want to have binge cravings from too large a deficit. I don’t actually want too quick a weight loss, because I believe that the longer it takes to come off, the longer it’ll stay off. I don’t want to feel forced to exercise everyday and be unable to chill without being distressed.
  • Plan: I’m going to aim for around 1500+kcal while being as active as I can. I don’t NEED to exercise everyday , nor chide myself when I don’t. But for now yeah, I can be happy that I stuck to IF, ate my Huel, ate whatever I felt like within the window, and did exercises that really did make me feel GOOD.
  • For some reason I really had no appetite today idk maybe it’s the bloating.

@GTIPuG ahhh I love that guy! He’s hilarious hahaha (especially in all his way-too-much swearing videos xD) but yeah, very informative thanks! Makes a LOT of sense too, especially the chocolate and carb cravings and water retention. ((Lowkey envious of your stable testosterone))


Day 89

Weight: 55.9kg wouldve freaked out last time being like omg I could’ve sworn I ate so little and exercised a lot what am I doing wrong??? and proceed to cut more calories…but now I know better. My weight’s stabilising around 56 before going down, and I know I’m doing everything right. I just need to be patient (which is lowkey annoying bc I really wanna hit 55 at least once by mid July!)

Food Intake: [1693kcal in]

  • 2/3 of (100g Huel, 3g MatchaFS)
  • ~100+g kaya brioche bread did I mention I am ADDICTED to soft bread?
  • broccoli
  • 11 pieces 7g scallop sashimi dat proteinz
  • Friend’s Hari Raya Celebration—a bit of chicken soup, 1 drumette, 2 small cookies
  • Movie Snacks—2 Oreo thins, 1 digestive thin, 1 packet seaweed, 1/2 layenberger lemon protein bar
  • Dinner—1/3 Huel bar, ~68g brioche eat&cs, 148g scallop sashimi

Activity: [2061kcal out]

  • 14010 steps (walking from CityHall to Shaw) (dance recap)

Other Observations:

  • Chest aching from benchpress, thighs aching from squats/sand running
  • Ngl q worried because I have no idea what to expect from the celebration. And it’s centred around food. Almost backed out because it’s a surefire way to consume less calories. But NO it’s an honour to be invited to their cultural Malay celebration; and recovery is all about being able to attend social events and not reject it to lose weight! (Not saying that I won’t be choosy with which events I may overeat at)
  • +impromptu movie & ??? with my bestie whom I haven’t seen in like half a year!! We’ve always been huge foodies together. Also won’t have time (or muscle capacity) to gym, so I’ll just take it as it comes, eat as much protein, walk as much as possible, eat chewing gum at the theatre. Worst comes to worst, I’ll just say I’m rly full from the celebration (which may well be true), and I’ll try to stop eating by 9pm (the show is until 8.30 I think)
  • Dinner…was a bit messy. So my bestie ate before the movie and I thought we were gonna have dinner after. But I was p hungry during the movie so I snacked a bunch (thank goodness for my fantastic plan-ahead Snacks). Ate my remaining Huel bar after. Had decided I wasn’t gonna eat below 1500kcal today for my mental health, so I ditched IF for today (ended at 10.35pm) Was still kinda hungry so I made a slight bad impulse decision of getting and demolishing really good bread from Miranda. Went back home and ate ~150g of scallop sashimi.
  • I’ve started being able to shift my meets with friends from being centered solely around food and drinks and calories, to being more active! Gymming and taking long walks etc :’) taking long walks is especially great when you have a Fitbit LOL.
  • I think the old adage is true: it’s really around 12 weeks (3+ months in my case) where people start to notice some weight lost! Not drastically so but still.
  • I’m still eating whatever I feel like, and whatever I want; just, not all at once.
  • BMs still not adjusted to this time zone to be regular yet.
  • I’m feeling the hunger more and earlier than I usually do. Could be the larger-than-usual caloric deficit from yesterday.


I’m just going to jump right in to your meditation question, even though it wasn’t me who suggested it. Here’s an easy little Starter-For-Ten for you… :sunglasses:

  1. Sit comfortably. Cross-legged on the floor or on a cushion on the floor is fine, and so is on a firm chair with your legs uncrossed and feet flat on the floor. Keep your back straight and your chin down just slightly. You can have your hands on your knees, or comfortably in your lap. If you need to shift position during your session, just do it - no harm done!

  2. Close your eyes - minimises distractions.

  3. Take two or three deep breathes, and drop into your body. Become aware of your position, of the places where your body touches the ground or the chair, any little aches or pains you feel. Nothing to do here - just be aware.

  4. Set an intention. Deep clarity and awareness is a good one to start with.

  5. Now, breathing naturally through your nose, focus on your breathe as it passes over your top lip. Just breathe as you do normally, except place your awareness on your top lip, and feel each breath, in and out, in and out. Thoughts will crop up, all the time! Don’t worry about them. If you can visualise, see your meditating mind as a vast blue sky, and see thoughts as just clouds passing over. Or you can see them as soap bubbles you can pop. Either way, they don’t matter, don’t impact on your session, just pop them, or watch them drift away. Just don’t let any of them pull you in for any length of time. And even if that does happen, worry not - just return to the breath and let the thought go.

  6. Start with just doing this for 2 minutes. Then, gradually build up to wherever you can, depending on your schedule for the delay. A good session is 15 minutes plus, but don’t be in any rush to get there.

  7. To finish, bring your hands up together in front of your face, in the praying position, and give a little bow of thanks and recognition to your Higher Self, your Greatness. If you can. sit for a further minute or so and just savour the feelings you’ve created in yourself. Enjoy. Then, jump up and get on with your day!

It doesn’t sound much (it’s not) and it sounds simple (it is) but the impact can be tremendous…


Day 90

Weight: 55.8kg ayyy it’s stablising! seems like 55.9 wasn’t much of a fluke :slight_smile: can only really tell with time, with these things

Food Intake: (~1622kcal in)

  • 90g Huel + 20g Mocha Whey
  • 25g MatchaFS Huel mixed this with some mocha whey for convenience, and it tasted like a nice matcha latte hahaha
  • Samples—1 tablespoon Oreo soft serve, 3x egg yolk fish skin, 2 pea chips, 2 konjac
  • 1 Kueh Ambon
  • 60g chicken slices
  • 1/2 Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sugar pretzel :pretzel:
  • Dinner—2 Mama Patisserie buns

Activity: (@FF TC, 3210kcal out)

  • 1h Cardio Step class
  • 1/2h circuit (45s:10s, 5 stations, 3 rounds)
  • 1h Bodycombat
  • 45min BodyJam i cut the class because I got too tired and stopped concentrating, and the point is to enjoy myself

Other Observations:

  • Food & Exercise: My perception of the relationship between food and exercise has been a very strange one.
  1. 2011 (13): I have no time to exercise, so I’ll just cut calories.
  2. 2012 (14): I’m going to run and swim everyday in addition to cutting cals since I’m a small person and need a bigger deficit.
  3. 2013 (15): Gym classes, bc activity
  4. 2014-2015 (16-17): The occasional gym class; binging like crazy.
  5. 2015-2016 (17-18): Acknowldege Bulimia, scared to shift to the over-exercising sector of compensation. Disallowed from counting calories. Separating exercise and food.
  6. 2016-2017 (18-19): Shaun T & BBG pretty hardcore everyday. Exercise to build muscle and to feel good and strong, instead of to lose weight. Learned that I deserve to eat regardless of exercise. Still unable to count calories without being triggered (and started purging), so I didn’t lose much weight despite vigorous exercise.
  7. 2018 (20): And now…it’s a bit convoluted. I exercise because I like being active. Because I like the way my muscles start to feel and look. Because being able to lift weights is cool and an ego booster, AND helps me carry my luggage and be functional and be better at sports. I really do wanna be better at sports and to be able to pick things up quickly because I have good muscle control. (Dance, ultimate, MMA) Because being fit has become a bit of my identity. I exercise because I just enjoy it really haha especially now im realizing it doesn’t have to be hell. The link to food—I exercise to burn more calories. Not in a “cycle hard to burn off this ice cream!” sense (I abhor it when people say this), because it’s way easier to just not eat the ice cream than to run for an hour. But just increasing my caloric deficit if possible, WHILE remaining consistent in my eating. I’m not using these as intertwined mechanisms (directly proportional), because I realize how much better in the long run it is to be consistent (i.e. Creating a routine of eating ~1500kcal/day). Nonetheless, on days I know I’ll eat more, I try to walk more; or days I drink alcohol, I try to party it up and go all out. ((Shaky ED ground I suppose but we’ll see.)) The Fitbit just helps me see very clearly my CICO, and thanks to that Godsent friend of mine, I’ve discovered the CICO chart and I really don’t like seeing red bars in the chart :joy:
  • I’m honestly glad at how far I’ve come. For the first time, I have a consistent method to lose weight gradually that ACTUALLY WORKS. I can’t tell you how many “before” pictures I’ve taken, only to have it become a slideshow of me getting fatter :joy: I mean, the ED definitely prolonged my journey of being able to do this healthily. And now, ~5.5kg loss in, I can’t believe I can finally actually call this a weight loss journey! :stuck_out_tongue: I remember first starting out, seeing “0.2kg lost” and being like lol I’m just gonna easily gain that back by a bit of overeating. But nope; I know for a fact I’m not just going to gain back that 5.5kg I’ve worked so hard to lose, overnight. I may gain 1kg of fat&water after overeating or a binge, but 5.5kg? That’s gotta be a bunch of fat lost for sure.
  • I’m going to have my psychologist appointment this afternoon! The last i talked to her, I was one month into Huel and was excitedly explaining it to her. Will update!
  • Update: Saw my psychologist; she’s basically very happy with my progress (that I’m taking time to think and plan ahead, am being flexible etc, and gave me some answers and solutions re: home situation & exercise.) Its good to have professional assurance that I’m on the right track! ALSO, I raved about Huel, and she wants me to bring some for her to try! She said that sometimes when she works through the day from 10-4, she’s unable to get adequate nutrients in and starts craving junk or snacks HAHAHAH GO HUEL!!! :smile: From what I said, she dubs it “The Magical Shake” — alternative advertisement ideas??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Exercise: I’m really enjoying exercising! It’s actually really fun pushing yourself because you can, and because you want to be the best version of yourselves, vs punishing yourself because you don’t feel like you’re worth anything. :’) And fuelling myself properly…it’s actually so much easier HAHA. I was actually so sleepy and was reconsidering (only very briefly) gymming, but I honestly do look forward instead of dread it. It’s also an awesome ego boost when the Trainers notice “that girl is so fast/agile/hardcore” heheh.
  • As with food but opposite, I don’t think “the more the better”. I want consistency. I want to come out from each exercise sesh having had a great session and wanting to repeat that, not dreading going back to the gym. I could’ve made myself go for 5-6 classes, but nah I’m enjoying myself a with 4 :slight_smile:
  • As with boys, I’m realising that I’m starting to be a lot more selective with food! Like I’m not just clamouring for it because I’m desperate and scared there’ll never be another. I’m able to reject samples I don’t want, not buy an entire shop of bread (I visited the same bakery I went to during ED, and even though I bought 6 buns, I bought about 20 back then. I kid you not. I went there 2 years ago and the seller still remembers me.), and not consume the entirety of everything I get. Tbh I’ll be more than content with a bite.
  • Eating: I’ve eaten a LOT of carbs today. Did I crave it? No, not really. Having eaten my lunch Huel, I could’ve easily not eaten the many sweets and snacks I’ve had during the afternoon. Kueh ambon, samples, pretzel, bakery buns. BUT I know this is purely nostalgic. I didn’t need that food, but I WANTED it, because I wanted the emotional association of homeliness and familiarity I had with my favourites home foods. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay, too! I tracked it as part of my intake, and sure it was a little high in carbs, but I’m working out quite a bit today and it’s good fuel :slight_smile: Yes, food can be enjoyed while losing weight! :smiley:
  • Oh and unless I’ve counted wrongly, it still falls under a caloric deficit! Which feels really weird because it feels like I’m constantly eating haha what even?! How is this possible.
  • I definitely have a lot of room to work on to improve my Resistance and Strength training. But for this week or two, I’ll just do exercises I feel like, and just be active in general.


Day 91

Weight: 55.8kg

Food Intake: (2282kcal in)

  • Huel berry smoothie—115g berries, 15g strawberry whey, 75g Huel, ice
  • a SHIT TON OF BREAD & cs
  • 35g super ring
  • 15g cheese balls
  • 25g ovomaltine spread
  • ~1/2 steamed seabass
  • Dinner—33g 3 cherry tomatoes, 35g chicken, 2.5 slices meat, bean sprouts w sesame sauce, 2 egg whites w nooch
  • Binge—~70g bread filling, eat&cs 2 dayplus buns, cs 20 dark choc digestive thins

Activity: (2183kcal out)

  • 10km trek/jog/run w dad @ Reservoir

Other Observations:

  • 2.11pm: Its been 2h and I’ve consumed about 1200kcal. Note to self—a large caloric deficit gives me binge urges the next day (like when I used to binge and fast and binge and fast…a pattern I do NOT want to get into again.)
  • 9.38pm: I had another episode in the evening where I kinda binged :confused: I was fully intending not to: I ate high protein and lower calorie food for dinner because I basically ate 1450kcal before 3.30pm…and then I ended up lowkey binging on bread to “get rid of it”. Although it sucked being in that zombie-binge state, I told myself to stop at 8pm, and I (mostly) did. It’s never too late to turn things around. Will most likely gain tmr but we’ll see. I can always get back on track. Perhaps it’s good to have several days without planning meals out.
  • I don’t quite know how to handle bread. It’s my favourite food from home ever, and I guess I’m trying to eat it before I go back to the UK and can’t have it(?). BUT I think subconsciously it’s something I don’t feel allowed to have because of the high calories, or not worth the full amounts of calories. I guess I can eat 1/2 as a snack and some as dinner carbs since I already have Huel carbs haha.
  • For future reference: Don’t let my caloric surplus go past 1000kcal (I.e. 2000kcal if burn 3000, but otherwise 1500ish.) Binge urges get p cray that way.


Hey Chris

I just started my Huel journey last week and got to say- love your posts. Super funny and real so thanks :slight_smile:

Well done on overcoming your ED- I know what its like to binge all too well so great that youre being so conscious of it!!

Looking forward to future posts


Day 92

Weight: 56.1kg kinda expected since binging & havent had a proper BM in 4 days…

Food Intake: (1413kcal in)

  • 112g Huel, ChocFS
  • 4 egg whites w 10g nooch + stir fried broccoli :broccoli: + 1/2 tube egg tofu w oyster sauce & 8g pork floss + 208g raw pumpkin w 10g sesame sauce
  • 111g blueberries
  • 15 cheese balls & 10 super rings
  • 7 butterfingers
  • 1 packet chocolate teddy biscuits
  • 26g ovomaltine spread

Activity: (1964kcal out)

  • 1h Hip Hop class

Other Observations:

  • ffs why can’t I just hit 55kg soon :((((( I feel a bit of the time pressure haha since I have 13 days before I leave to Hong Kong where I will most definitely gain a kg or 2 >< (although I’ll still try to get a lot of walking and activity in)
  • Ugh I’ll just try to focus on getting a good home routine in. I haven’t yet adjusted to a stable routine because I keep having to go out with friends or check gyms out.
  • Life Hack: ICE BLEND YOUR HUEL OMG it makes it like 1.5x the volume without diluting it much, and is absolutely PERFECT for summer! It reminds me a bit of Frappuccinos I used to enjoy from Starbucks :stuck_out_tongue:

@Watsername aww that’s so sweet of you! I wouldn’t say I’ve overcome it yet, but hey 85% ain’t too bad xD


85% is fantastic and apologies i’m sure its not something you can overcome so easily and you should be so proud of your progress.


Day 93

Weight: 55.6kg

Food Intake: (1544kcal in)

  • 92g Huel, 20g mocha whey
  • Snacks & Sweets—6 butterfingers, 1 blueberry dplus bun, 1 packet veggie crackers, 1 pan fried salmon skin
  • Dinner—141g broccoli :broccoli: w 100g enoki mushroom + 160g pumpkin w 5g sesame sauce + 179g bulla cottage cheese

Activity: (1995kcal out)

  • 1h Krav Maga “Release from Grabs”
  • 11 467 steps

Other Observations:

  • I’m still really bloated…can’t tell if it’s water retention because my TOM hasn’t come yet (probably stress from adjusting to a new timezone? Idk if that’s a thing)
  • Update: Apparently jet lag messes with female hormone levels and a late TOM is expected. Who knew!
  • Halp I feel like I look even fatter than I was at 61kg!! How can this be I’m at least 5kg lighter :<
  • I’ve felt full the entire day…is it just because I’m eating high protein and voluminous foods??? Or am I overeating agh.
  • I suppose one reason (apart from hormones) my body isn’t comfortably losing fat at the regular pace it was is also because I’ve been seeking out home food that brings me nostalgia. And also that this home situation is where the ED first started, and a lot of food habits are reminiscent to back then. I’m nearly done with my nostalgia list though, and this time it was a lot shorter than last time haha. (Teddies, cheese balls, Super ring, mama bread, dplus bread, Mirana bakery bread, veggie crackers) (remaining: Bao, Yamazaki, Liusha) BUT I’ve also discovered what foods can comfortably make it into my routine at home, so that’s good.
  • Going out for dinner nearly everyday next week ahh. Gonna make good choices and balanced meals though! (Teppei, caifan, Nassim Hill, T&T?)
  • HOME HAS SUCH AMAZING BREAD AHHHH AMAZING BREAD EVERYWHERE YOU TURN UK pls follow suit so I don’t feel deprived :sob::sob:
  • I’ll have a month in August where I’d have met up with nearly everyone already, and can start having a very very regular schedule of dance and food. Of course I’ll still eat bread but it’ll be a part of my normal diet.
  • Not IFing tomorrow as imma club with a Friend!
  • I now remember why I want to be strong. Went for the Krav Maga class, and it’s so much easier to hold someone down or get out of a chokehold if you’re strong!!! Yahs this is why I should strength train more and cardio isn’t everything.
  • 3.48am: I’ve spent the last 2h fretting about food and trying to plan and soothe my mind…it’s so difficult because I have events basically every night for the next 1+ weeks, then I’m going to Hong Kong (food paradise), then I’m going to China (unknown food routine), Hong Kong again, then back home. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s so stressful ugh I just really need routine again.


This was a really good read today, I dunno why!
Nice thorough update and the sustained progress to go with it. :smiley:




Day 94

Weight: 55.6kg

Food Intake: (1914kcal in)

  • 75g NewHuel + 40g Mocha whey
  • ~100g Mirana red bean bread + 100g kaya bun
  • cs many many slices bread
  • 5 egg whites + 15g nooch
  • 75g frozen berries
  • 220g Mirana bread (yam, red bean, kaya)
  • Dinner–130g pumpkin w 5g sesame sauce, 100g enoki mushrooms, 120g halibut fish
  • 3 buns eat&cs
  • Drinks—200g vodka + maybe some other sips?

Activity: (2066kcal out)

  • 35min gym

Other Observations:

  • Why do I look huge?! :frowning: I haven’t gained according to the scale, but my stomach looks as huge as it did before. And I was getting so happy at how much I was leaning out! :frowning:
  • 4.45pm: I binged. Maaaaassive bread binge. It’s so difficult being home and being around my triggers, and just idk this is the place I started binging; this is the place all my disordered eating habits began. AHHHHHHHH. It feels so discouraging to have been making such good progress, only to come home and feel like I keep messing up. I’m probably going to end up purging too idek. On the upside I’m really nearly done eating all the bread I’ve felt deprived off in the UK haha.
  • I kept trying. I really did. I felt very peckish and bingey even though my stomach was full and hurt…so I tried eating protein. 2 egg whites. and another 2. and another 1. then frozen berries. and then I caved. FCK THIS ARGHHHHHH. And I’m going clubbing tonight with my very hot friend (who had anorexia)…would prefer not to look like a whale.
  • But also AGH I wasted so much time being stuck in the haze of binging when I could’ve napped or piano’d or m’d instead :< SO MUCH RAGRETS


I’m guessing pmt. Don’t panic!


Day 95

Weight: 55.1-2kg I know it’s dehydration weight from alcohol but GLOBDAMMIT CAN’T IT JUST HIT 55 SO I CAN SAY I DID IT BY MID-JULY HAHAHAH oh well.

Food Intake: (2409kcal in, 2907kcal out)

  • 1/2 of protein Huel from yesterday
  • 140g Mirana red bean bread
  • 2 mentos chewing gum)
  • 2 crystal jade pancakes
  • Dinner—caifan (beans, cabbage, omelette, 5 tofu)
  • 60g oxtail w some veggies
  • 60g frozen berries
  • 85g red bean bread
  • 3 butterfinger cups

Other Observations:

  • Was so hungryyyyyy
  • Ate a LOT today and ate from 1-10pm, but ehh it was good. Also I was honestly just hungry so I went a tad overboard when I could finally eat ahaha.


Day 96

Weight: 55.8kg hahahaha rehydration. And maybe 0.2kg gained from the massive bread binge.

Food Intake: (1443kcal in)

  • 39g NewHuel w 21g mocha whey
  • 1 oxtail w veggie stew
  • 2 fibre one bars
  • 75g frozen berries
  • 100g cottage cheese
  • Dinner ($3.50 caifan)—5 tofu, egg w tomato, 8 oily eggplant :eggplant: probably a calorie BOMB, stir fried pumpkin :jack_o_lantern:

Activity: (1787kcal out)

  • nil :confused: I kept making plans that I kept bailing on bc I’m too sleepy :frowning: it’s ok I’ll do better this week when I do 1-3 classes at the gym!

Other Observations:

  • I realised that one thing stressing me out was that I’ve come to view Huel and my own home cooked foods (even including measured portions of treats and bread) is a lot more nutritionally superior to outside foods which I instinctively deem fat-laden and nutritionally empty in comparison. Dangerous ED territory. That’s why when thinking about going overseas having basically all meals that are not Huel…it scares me. Because somehow, as part of this daily Huel routine, I’ve started seeing outside food and things with unknown calories as non-food, and I didn’t realise it at all. I’ll decide how to combat this tomorrow.
  • Recovery win: eating dinner spontaneously with old friends to socialise! And I really enjoyed it :slight_smile:
  • So its mid-July, and I concede that I haven’t met my 55kg target. But is this any indication to give up? By no means! That was a target I’d set on 28th March, and I’m pleased to have even come close! Part of realistic goal setting is aiming, then adjusting the goal if it was unattainable. I recognise that I have dinners every day this week. I recognise that I’m going to Hong Kong and China next week. I WILL gain a bit of weight when travelling as I have before while trying to adjust, but that’ll go away if I just keep trying to move more and keep making as good decisions as I can. There will be time to get completely on track in September.
  • My long term time goals are now 55 by mid-August, and 52 by end of October :slight_smile:


Day 97

Weight: 55.8kg

Food Intake: (~1288kcal in)

  • 90g Huel + 25g Isoburner Whey
  • ~3 buns
  • 1/2 chocolate sprinkle donut childhood fave
  • 100g cottage cheese
  • 2 egg whites w nooch

Activity: (1543kcal out)

  • ZILCH. it’s killing meeeeee to be so sedentary but I feel like I can’t even go out for a long walk nor should I force myself to, since having a lot of rest is the best I can take care of my body for now. but i’m burning so little sigh oh wells. I guess it’s a test for me to recognise that being sick is inevitable and losing weight can be put on hold briefly. I can also eat less.

Other Observations:

  • I keep trying to make myself exercise but my muscles feel really heavy and idk I feel really sick :frowning: Was supposed to go to the gym everyday this week but I cancelled it because I figure if I do strenuous exercise I’ll just get more sick… UGH.
  • I feel like I’m in somewhat a rut like I’m not trying hard enough to lose weight, perhaps because I feel it’s a lil futile now that I have so many events? I really need to get my head on straight and refocus my goals. Sure, I may not feel too huge to exist,


Hahaha :grin:


@GTIPuG HAHAHA I don’t think a pre-workout will help my type of muscle-ache: you know the kind where you come down with a fever and sore throat at the same time? :stuck_out_tongue:


Day 98

Weight: 55.2kg

Food Intake: (979kcal in)

  • 90g NewHuel + 25g Isoburner Whey
  • 112g NewHuel
  • 15g Huel Granola
  • 2 strepsils

Activity: (1739kcal out)

  • Basically none, but I walked back from the mall to get moving a little.

Other Observations:

  • I was just considering doing 100% Huel when I come back from Hong Kong…but it seems like I may end up doing that anyway.
  • Discovered a BRILLIANT USE for Huel: so I’m down with a high fever and tonsilitis, aka swallowing really really sucks. I’m actually kinda excited and glad I have Huel, because I know I need to nourish my body when I’m sick so I can get better asap. Aaaaand yeah it appears I gotta hold off the exercise for a bit.
  • Update: Huel is such a blessing; it doesn’t hurt when I eat Huel!
  • I can’t really see the weight lost, and people aren’t really commenting that I look slimmer, but I think my wrists feel a bit smaller now!
  • Ngl got a bit bored drinking all Huel, but also didn’t really crave eating anything else. I know I have barely eaten enough today but I’m also SO FULL so ehh I guess it’ll be okay. It’s not like it’ll be for long; I think it’s just a lack of appetite because of tonsilitis.


Get well soon!