📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


Day 104

Weight: 55.0kg

Food Intake: (1851kcal)

  • 1 spicy kaisendon
  • 1.75 big baos from Just Dough (sppt & yam)
  • 80g Huel + 21g whey
  • 94g chicken thigh from herbal soup
  • 4 oreo thins

Activity: (2339kcal out)

  • walking w a Friend
  • 1h Muay Thai

Other Observations:

  • The sleeveless grey top has quickly become a favourite…and it may just be me, but it feels even a little loose!
  • AHHH GUYS this is great: so on my list of “reasons I want to lose weight”, I’d included a pretty superficial one (nonetheless, something I did want) — meeting a guy I half-fancied and last saw last July…and impressing him hahahahahaha wow I really do sound like a silly girl. But yeah he did notice — “hey you look thinner!” — and I’m pretty chuffed. I would’ve been completely fine if he didn’t, but it feels good having your efforts and results noticed. A couple of people also noticed that my dressing is marginally better, which is another thing I’m working on :slight_smile:


Heyy!! Sorry I hadn’t replied quicker, wanted it to be a considered reply too :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow I’m honoured that you’ve taken the time to peruse all 200++ lengthy posts HAHA but I’m glad you find it useful! Completely unfiltered Huel journey right here :smiley:

Aw man yeah ED thought processes really suck (and honestly time proportion wise I spent the most time with bulimia and compulsive eating than excessive restriction). It’s wonderful to hear that you’re finally starting to learn how to love yourself—it makes such a hell of a difference when you finally start to gain some self worth! Please don’t give up trying even when the days are hard (my inbox is always open!), because every step to loving ourselves is worth it.

Yeah definitely! I’m going to try my best to :slight_smile: As you’ve mentioned, having to find a middle ground and BALANCE is so so so so incredibly difficult :’(

Took the words right out of my mouth; I’ve frequently bemoaned how difficult it is to recover and have to face your poison (heck, recovery means you can’t even call it poison hahaha) every day, at least 3 times a day. It made me so frustrated I often wished I could just be under a complete-nutrition IV drip—but I suppose Huel comes close xD Huel gives me a break to sort out my other non-Huel meals instead of crumbling under the weight and stress of 3 meals, as I’m sure you’ve realised yourself?

Anyway, thanks a lot for your reply; it makes my day seeing such encouraging and thoughtful messages :slight_smile: How’s your own Huel journey going?


I’m going to Hong Kong :hong_kong: & China :cn: for the next 3 weeks to help run a summer camp, and because meals are provided by the school, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to naturally fit Huel in.

I AM bringing 4 servings of Huel and a whole bunch of Huel bars though. Feel free to stick around the thread to see how I transition into weeks of no Huel (and the side effects), and transitioning back the Huel lyf on 15 August!

===My Plan===
It definitely helps to be prepared instead of going in blind. This is where I’m going to practise flexibility which is necessary to account for life, but it’s not throwing everything out of the window. The faster I can come back to regular routine the better :slight_smile: Besides, I’ve used this method to get through after exams, partying, London, Germany, London, back home… what’s to say I can’t do it again?

What I’ll continue to do (core aims):

  1. Continue to log into MFP, guesstimated
  2. Drink water!!
  3. Try to eat more protein
  4. Try to get at least 10 000 steps in
  5. Take & log my weight everyday
  6. Try the best I can at every step of the way
  7. In China, mostly eat the protein dishes :smiley:

Other things (periphery aims + anticipation):

  1. Try to still do IF (it appears at least 3 of my friends do IF so it’s perfectly legit to explain to people I’m doing intermittent fasting haha) from 12-8. BUT it’s ok if I don’t manage to do it in Hong Kong, and for the first 4-5 days in China when I get used to the schedule.

I’m going to remember that I have a lot more stressors (literally, running a camp) to worry about than just food. I have an overarching goal of losing weight, but the journey has ups and downs.

I’m going to anticipate what’s going to happen: I’m going to go overseas, my weight will probably increase to 56.5kg or 57kg. Remember that even though it’s sucks to see the number increase after working so hard to get to 55, this is not unpremeditated. That’s would still be ~4-5kg down from the start. And the difference is, I now know what exactly to do to get back on it: after all, I can’t break physics (thanks gtipug lmao the anthem of my life now)
I’ll remember that that ~1-2kg gained will be a trade off for enjoying the cuisine, enjoying food with friends, and it is perfectly ok. Recover to live life.
Without Huel…I may get a bit panicky with whether my intake is balanced. My sugar cravings may be a little stronger.

Future plans:

  1. Remember my overarching weight goal: 52kg by end of September or October. Assuming I’m 57 at the end of the trip, that’s 6 or 10 weeks to lose 5kg, which is realistic. Believe in yourself, get back on track. It WILL be difficult at the start, but the more you do it, the easier and more mindless it becomes.
  2. Set up a food schedule to tick off and actually be serious about it: at least a week of Huel for lunch, a strict 12-8 IF, 1400-1550kcal, and water before a meal. Try to limit outings for the first week back since I’ve had a shit ton of outside food for the last 3 weeks.


Day 105 (No Huel)

Weight: 55.5kg though tbf it was 5am and no BM

Food Intake: (2389kcal in)

  • 2 eggwhites
  • Airplane meal (the chicken and fruits mostly)
  • Lunch @ The Night Market: 12 eggplant, 2 salted egg shrimp, 1 salted egg bitter gourd, 3 small pieces chicken, 2 dumplings
  • 2 polvoron
  • Dinner @ Mak Man Kee & Australian Dairy Co.: 7 shrimp wontons, scrambled eggs, beef slices, some macaroni
  • 3 bites of friends’ stuff
  • 1 Taro McFlurry

Activity: (2109kcal out)

  • 14,415 steps

Other Observations:

  • It’s tough. If I think about it rationally though, it’s actually a lot better than it once would’ve been. I was somewhat in control, I didn’t feel the need to try anything, I was able to check if I actually wanted the food, I tried to focus on the protein, I didn’t eat til I was stuffed. Yeah I overshot the calories and it feels kinda crap because I REALLY WANT TO LOSE ALL THIS FLAB, but I’ll give myself a bit of slack.
  • Had like 1h of sleep, had a very early flight, so I didn’t IF today. Ate til 12am too. Didn’t have Huel. Ahhhhhh. Definitely enjoying the food though!
  • Ice cream is still such a huge trigger for me!! I mean no regrets because it tasted amazing, but it somehow keeps triggering me to purge (because of how easy it is & doesn’t taste bad heh) :confused:


Have you ever thought it might be better not to weigh yourself everyday? After watching the video posted by Phil about the influence of our cycle on weight loss etc, I’m more convinced than ever that a monthly weigh in will give the most accurate reading. I’m not suggesting you go straight to that, but you could start by weighing yourself every other day maybe.


Day 106 (No Huel)

Weight: 55.5kg

Food Intake: (2121kcal in)

  • Breakfast: 1 chateraise crepe cake
  • Lunch @ Kau Kee: beef brisket & tendon noodles
  • Dinner: Tsui Wah condensed milk toast + Fei Jie squid, kidney, 2/5 intestines yes, really.
  • Snacks: 3g 1/2 ovomaltine wafer + 1 egg tart
  • eat&cs 3 buns (~1.5)
  • 7 strawberries :strawberry: because I was craving HEALTH omg

Activity: (2634kcal out)

  • a lot of walking (22,359 steps)
  • hiking up to the Peak, around 2h (160 floors!!!)

Other Observations:

  • I’m craving healthy food so bad HAHAHA I had a day of eating but really needed some fruit in my system. Heck I’d love a plate of healthy clean cooked veggies too please.
  • I think I’m gaining a ton of fat fml
  • I don’t know how accurate my calorie guesstimates are but I’m also trying not to eat til I’m stuffed

@Wendy_Shepherd as of now no, because I really like the daily information weighing myself gives me (more data points to derive trends from HAHA I’m a huge nerd). I dont think weighing daily is mutually exclusive with comparing monthly weights: I’m already very aware that one possibility of weight fluctuations is due to the menstrual cycle, so more data points actually can help me see that even more clearly.
It also prevents me from going overboard and “starting again from Monday since I’ve already blown it on a Wednesday”, because every day is a new day :smiley:


Deficit deficit deficit deficit deficit :smiley:

In all seriousness, 1000 cal surplus a day will only net you 2lb in a week, and for that level of indulgence, who really cares about 2lb when you’re as in control as you have been?

You’re choosing when to indulge and enjoy your life then you’re choosing when to run that deficit to undo the damage. You’ve got this under control, you’re nailing it.

Reap the rewards :smiley:


Day 107 (No Huel)

Weight: 55.3kg haha I’d better, after that helluva hike!

Food Intake: (2192kcal in)

  • 1 Bolo Bao w butter @ Cherry & Kam Wah
  • 1 egg tart @ Kam Wah
  • Pork cheek cheese noodles @ Sum Kee
  • :baguette_bread: —1 red bean mochi bun, ~1 mostly filling red bean bun, 1/4 sptt bun, 1 bite cheese bun
  • Dinner @ Tai Ping Koon: 1 chicken wing, 1/2 pigeon, 1 chicken w curry, a whole bunch of super tasty soufflé!

Activity: (2441kcal out)

  • ~35min gym
  • 17,785 steps (some dancing at a pub)

Other Observations:

  • 2.45am: hungryyy lol
  • I thought today was gonna be a complete bust. We had a pub crawl planned and I was SO gonna bust my caloric limit. BUUUUT I ended up accidentally IF-ing! Between waking up very late (had nearly 9h of sleep last night; unheard of for ages), and eating a slightly smaller dinner, I had an eating window of about 7.5h today haha. Decided not to drink in the end because I wasn’t really feeling it, but was still able to TURNITUP on the dance floor haha.
  • ED: After eating many many calories in a short span of time (about 1200kcal in 2.5h?), I almost had it after the pork cheek cheese noodles. I felt really full and had thoughts of purging. I also ate way too much bread because I never learn from my lesson evidently. BUT I didn’t purge, and I took a walk after which made me feel way better.
  • I was able to control myself at dinner today and actually listen to my body! My friends parents took me out to dinner and they were paying for everything and wanted to get me beef hor fun (which I actually LOVE) but I was able to recognise that I was actually feeling really stuffed and did NOT want to feel overstuffed and be triggered to purge again. I was able to weigh the pros and cons rationally in my head, and decide not to get it or eat ice cream etc. Very very proud of this, this finally listening to my body.
  • GAIZ I’m travelling to China tomorrow and I’m going to eat a Huel lunch for the trip I’M ACTUALLY UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED HAHAHA. Yes, HUEL IS POPPING UP TOMORROW! :smiley: Because I want to, not because I have to. It feels so much better aligning my wants with my goals :’) And no, I don’t have to “might as well not eat Huel because I’ve broken my Huel streak”.

HK Review:

  • The habits I’ve been cultivating truly have started to stick! Getting my steps in; trying to be active (finding activities to do that don’t solely revolve around food!); doing pushups; actually going to the gym and not finding it a huge chore; drinking water; IF-ing as much as I can; trying my best at every step of the way…this truly is a change.
  • I’ve also been able to enjoy a SHIT TON OF FOOD, and not be triggered when my friend barely ate a bite when we went out food exploring. Sure I didn’t have adequate protein, but I don’t see this as a long term diet. Not because I’m restricting myself from yummy foods, but because I genuinely do feel better eating a staple of fruits, veggies, protein, Huel. Yummy treats are exactly that: occasional treats. I was actually able to be a foodie (ticking of a ton of food places on my list) while still having my goals in mind! :smiley: I’m so glad. I also recognise that there is a limit to how many calories/meals I can fit into one day, so I’m not unrealistically attempting to find and try every single must-eat.
  • I’ve definitely enjoyed my trip so far, and am not letting weight loss or rigid eating behaviours to stand in my way :slight_smile:
  • If there’s any way to characterise what I’ve learnt through this food journey, it’s that it illuminates pros and cons of certain food behaviours/choices more rationally, for the long term.


  • Changing location and routine again tomorrow. Will expect a weight spike in the first 1-3 days.
  • Refer to [Post 243] for guidelines. Will try to mostly eat protein dishes, 10 000 steps, IF if possible.


Ahh thANK YOUUUuuu that was really encouraging :slight_smile: I guess the crux of it IS really how much in control you’re in, since I know now that this simple physics isn’t actually out of my control. It’s self-explanatory really (lol @ deficitdeficitdeficit) :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s also nice because for the longest time when I was much more ED-riddled, it was a farce of having control – the toxic, irrational and emotion-driven kind – when it really was a disorder controlling me.


Day 108

Weight: 55.4-55.6kg

Food Intake: (1864kcal in, a lot of estimation)

  • 80g Huel + 15g mocha whey
  • ~2 buns
  • 3 pork cracklings
  • 1 layenberger berry bar
  • 1/3 Liu Sha Bao
  • Dinner @ Chinese restaurant—4 tofu, 1 duck, steamed soon hock fish, steamed egg, black fungus
  • 5 popcorn
  • 5 slices watermelon
  • 2 anchovies

Activity: (2388kcal out)

  • 17,210 steps
  • Partying @ KTV

Other Observations:

  • Drinking Huel from my thermos flask and IT FEELS GLORIOUS. Oh man I honestly just love Huel it tastes fantastic and such satiety and mental serenity… :’) Lowkey regretting only bringing 4 servings, but I know I made that decision precisely so I couldn’t feel guilty about not drinking Huel if it doesn’t fit into the food schedules in China.
  • ED: I’m getting a ton better at dealing with non-anticipated food situations! Back then, I’d honestly freak out and try to skip big Chinese family gatherings bc I’d overeat and binge and/or purge. Or skip because I wanted to restrict. It’s cool that I’m starting to listen to my body because I don’t want to feel overfull. I didn’t eat rice because I didn’t want to. I didn’t eat til the point of being too stuffed.
  • We went out to karaoke and there was a shit ton of snacks and alcohol and drinks and stuff. But I decided my deficit and sanity was more important than these snacks and drinks (AND CAKE!), so I skipped it and focused on the people & songs instead :slight_smile:
  • It’s such a good incentive, these steps, because I just go all out and dance whenever possible xD makes me hella fun even without drinking an drop :smiley:


I concur with @GTIPuG! Nailing it :muscle::muscle:


Day 109 (No Huel)

Weight: 55.4-8kg

Food Intake: (2089kcal in)

Activity: (2200kcal out)

  • 14,011 steps

Other Observations:

  • Getting used to the schedule. Had basically an extra meal to my 12-8. But idk. Was p hungry by dinner bc I’m too used to eating a snack in between lunch and dinner.
  • I guess rn the things I’m trying to do are—10 000 steps, move as much as possible (gonna do a circuit with friends soon!), eat the protein when possible, not stress about eating and trying new foods, track as closely as I can on MFP, attempt to eat less than out, not eat til stuffed (because I hate the feeling + purge trigger), do push-ups 3x a day. I’m still gonna gain weight I think but hopefully in a controlled fashion. I’m not eating everything in sight, and I like being selective about what I choose so hey that’s a step up!
  • I mean, I can totally do 12-8 IF and I might in a couple of days. No one will really care what I’m eating too (there’s a girl who’s probably very obviously anorexic but no one calls her out on it so yeah). I can probably eat Huel and my Huel bars and wield a little more self control if I tried, but I’m not really feeling it. My capacity for self will is already pretty preoccupied. Plus free tasty varied Chinese dishes honestly make me so happy so it’s not something I have to miss out on. Of course, I’ll still continue to be selective about it because that makes me feel better.
  • It’s going to be a stressful 2 weeks. But it’ll be worth it, and I really CAN and WILL focus on losing weight after. 52 by end of October is completely feasible and within my grasp.
  • I don’t think I’m going to list my food eaten because that’ll take too much time and I’m rly busy now haha working from 9 to 9 :’(
  • Haven’t had a BM, but I know it’s in there (tmitmi LOL). But again, I’ve changed locations so my body has yet to get used to the rhythm.
  • It’s been strangely easy to transition to No Huel…but i guess that’s because, unlike any other “diet”, Huel is actually food lol so it’s like eating cereal everyday then not eating cereal for 2 weeks. Perfectly easy to resume since I actually LOVE THE STUFF.
  • I had to safety pin one of my skirts because it was literally too big on me!!! AHHH YAY. We also got camp shirts today and for the first time, I didn’t have to worry about looking obese in them. Whee!! It’s the little things.


Day 110 (No Huel)

Weight: 56.8kg ahahahahahah oops but not altogether unexpected. Must be severely underestimating my calories in oops. Difficult to estimate for the oily outside dishes though.

Food Intake: (2079kcal in, v rough estimate)

  • 1 coffee & 2 chewing gum
  • Lunch—tomato egg, seaweed w 3 pork, veggies, fish, winter melon
  • 1 stick kit kat, 1 coconut biscuit
  • etc.

Activity: (2331kcal out)

Other Observations:

  • I’m actually quite fine skipping breakfast haha I’m literally teaching kids for 3h straight…


I’ve just ordered my first delivery of Huel and have been loving your thread. I’ve suffered with an eating disorder before, losing 6 kilos in the space of a few weeks at one point, and it’s really helpful to see someone else trying to lose weight whilst trying not to slip back into old (bad) habits.
I’ve requested to follow you on instagram to keep up with your journey and (strange coincidence!) also thought I would mention that I was at TrinMayBall too! Agree with you how hard it is to not overeat when the Vietnamese noodles are THAT GOOD and the drinks in the Jazz tent too…
Anyway, I’m really loving this thread and as a result am considering doing something similar as my weight now is about what yours was when you started and my target weight is the same!
Good luck with everything!


Day 111 (No Huel)

Weight: 56.4kg

Food Intake: (2352kcal in, very rough estimate)

Activity: (2842kcal out)

  • 21,933 steps — walking to a bar, walking to the supermarket, playing catching with kids, taking the stairs, dancing etc.

Other Observations:

  • Its SO DIFFICULT to gauge how calorific the canteen food we’re served is: it’s basicallt drenched in oil, such wasted calories :confused: I could honestly live off Huel bars but at the same time I kinda wanna try their food and Chinese food is so good haha. (+ it’s free!)
  • I keep stress eating AHH
  • One of my guidelines was to drink more water, but it’s often difficult bc no water in the canteen. I still aim for 10000 steps, push-ups and eating after 12.


@EastEndorphins Heyyyyy!! Oh man what a coincidence that is! I was debating writing the name up there lest someone find me from the college. I mean I’ve got nothing to hide and am open with this (although everyone in my fam but my dad still don’t know) but yknow haha, esp having been through it yourself xD
Are you from a college there??? And yeah omg the food was absolutely faaaaaab I had 2 crepes and literally everything else hahaha no regretz

Awh!! I’m glad if my experiences can help, and we’re in this together! Most people just don’t get that after suffering from an ED with such entrenched food habits and emotions and thoughts…you can’t just lose weight the regular way. After all, it often starts out with losing weight the regular way…and then some freak mutation happens. It really does require so much more consideration and reflection to check oneself.
Have you undergone therapy?

Aw this makes me so happy to read! Glad it inspired you haha I often wonder whether people actually read this longass wordy daily log xD


My sister just graduated from Trinity! I’m at Imperial College London actually (tragically Cambridge doesn’t do my course). I literally don’t share anything food-wise with my family either because my sister has a serious serious eating disorder and has been in and out of hospital so the second I talk about anythingggg to do with food they think I’m going to lose weight like I did before and go into a downward spiral etc etc etc (even though that’s what I’m actively trying to avoid).
Therapy is actually what started the whole self-improvement kick I’m on right now, actually! I was just feeling miserable about my weight and productivity etc and my therapist basically just suggested approaching everything in a controlled healthy way and making sure I was telling him all about it so he can keep up with me and check its not becoming anything unhealthy…
I read your entire log in a one go so definitely keep with it! It’s great :slight_smile:


Day 112

Weight: 55.7kg

Food Intake: (1448kcal in) lmao 80 of those calories came from lozenges…don’t know if I should laugh or cry

Activity: (2000kcal out)

  • 10,038 steps (some dancing)

Other Observations:

  • Down with viral tonsilitis. Feeling like shit, especially since I have to teach. On the upside it’s really shit trying to eat food…?? Maybe it’s time to dig into my Huel stash again. I’m scared that if I make it and see yummy Chinese food I’ll just end up eating twice as much ahaha.
  • Starting to be a lot pickier with the food, not feeling like I have to try everything (as I often do right at the start). I’m choosing the dishes that actually look appealing, and slightly less of it because it’s drenched in oil (I do try to wash it in soup though)
  • Getting used to the daily routine. Breakfast is unnecessary, I’ll have lunch at 12 and dinner comes soon enough at 6. I often have a sweet snack after either meals. Biscuits are available, sometimes fruits. There’s a night snack thing at 9 that I don’t actually have to eat but yeah.


Day 113

Weight: 55.8kg

Food Intake: (267kcal in)

  • 2 swigs of ChocFS Huel
  • 1 mini bread roll
  • 1 tea egg white
  • 1/4 raspberry quest bar
  • 1 lozenge

Activity: (1824kcal out)

  • 8135 steps

Other Observations:

  • I took 2 swigs of Huel and couldn’t even swallow that. It’s now gone down the drain… :frowning:
  • Going to the hospital now, may have to stay overnight. This is miserable.


Day 114

Weight: 54.6-8kg hellooooo lack of food weight and dehydration!

Food Intake: (220kcal in)

  • 5% dextrose saline IV drip (170kcal?)
  • 1/2 lozenge
  • amino acids

Activity: (1646kcal out)

  • 4321 steps

Other Observations:

  • I am actually starving I’ve had 277kcal yesterday and a grand total of 0kcal today :frowning: I can barely swallow my own saliva. I’m feeling so lethargic and keep slipping in and out of consciousness.
  • 10h of IV drips total for today, so as you can imagine I haven’t had much activity. But then again. I also haven’t had any food so well.