📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


Day 115 (No Huel, No Food)

Weight: 53.7-8kg

Food Intake: will Chrisjeffy be able to eat anything today? Stay tuned to find out!

  • AAAAAAND the answer was a big grand NOWT. Killmeeeeeee (0kcal…)

Activity: (1906kcal out)

  • 8806 steps

Other Observations:

  • Oh gawd I haven’t hit under 54 before, but I lowkey wish I didn’t? I can FEEL my muscles atrophying. I feel constantly lethargic. I feel a bit like death. I’m dehydrated and thirsty. I want to be able to eat food or at least drink Huel without choking because I can’t swallow.
  • ED Recovery: in the past, ED would’ve jumped at the opportunity to lose weight and be forced not to eat…but now I honestly just want to get better and resume normal life. I want to be able to eat. I want to be able to move. I want to be able to enjoy challenges and fun times and going out with my friends even if it means potentially overeating. I don’t want to be sick. I don’t want to lose muscle. Losing weight isn’t the utmost important thing in life.
  • This is miserable I’m starving.


Get well soon!


I’m honestly so ill I can’t eat or drink. I haven’t eaten since 1.40pm on 1 August, so that makes 60h as of now (1.40am, 4 August). Not according to plan, I will be flying back home 11 days in advance :frowning: I will be getting some minor surgery done and I honestly have no idea when I can eat or drink. I feel my airways closing up with swelling haha this is not good.

  • I’ve lost 2kg since 1st August and while kinda cool, this is not part of the plan. It’s also cool realising I DONT want to lose weight this fast. This is the first time I’m losing rapidly and I’m not instantly congratulating myself. I want it to be part of a consistent effort and a lifestyle. I want it to be gradual and consistent and sustainable.
  • I don’t want to be weak and miserable and tired and starving. I also know a lot of it is definitely water weight (I’m currently severely dehydrated because every sip is agonising), a lot of it is probably muscle weight, and perhaps just some fat weight. Body composition is also important.
  • I can’t wait to be well and do activities and have a consistent healthy lifestyle again. I LOVE FOOD AND I LOVE EXERCISE.
  • I guess I’ll admit that a part of me (the one concerned with my long term goal) is glad that although I was expecting 57 by the end of China and Hong Kong at least…I lost way too much weight too quickly instead. In the most sufferable way possible, but ehh an upside nonetheless.
  • I’ve heard IV drips can tend to make you put on about 5kg of water weight which I’m hoping won’t happen but will mentally prepare myself for.
  • Say for example I’m at ~54.5-55.5kg after this bout of illness, I have about 3kg to get to 52kg, which realistically only needs about 6 weeks! I can definitely do this by the end of September!! Without sacrificing social life!

I also absolutely cannot wait to go back to Huel! It’s probably going to be the main food I’ll live off til I’m better.


“Haha” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Day 116 HUEL AT LAST!!!

Weight: 52.9-53.1kg

Food Intake: (1369kcal in)

  • 2 Fox Sweets (40kcal)
  • 1/2 Vitamin C
  • 60g cookie dough b&j
  • 89g strawberry cheesecake b&j
  • 55g Huel + 2g ChocFS
  • Milo ice cream
  • yam ice cream
  • 33g red bean bun
  • 1 soy sauce egg white
  • 1 full small bowl of porridge w veg & chicken

Activity: (1963kcal out)

  • 10,245 steps

Other Observations:

  • I guess a remnant fastingED part of me was quite curious how long I could fast, and didn’t particularly want to break it. It’ll also lowkey be cool if I could hit 52kg tomorrow HAHAHA unheard of.
  • But nah, I WANT TO RECOVER ASAP so I can actually lose fat the proper way instead of just killing off my muscles! Part of recovery is finally getting my priorities in check.
  • I’ll be more than fine if my weight goes back to 55kg, although hopefully it’ll be around 54.5kg after all that actual deficit and misery.
  • 400+kcal of b&j ice cream worked a treat and restoring my energy levels without killing my throat :smiley: I was doing a little happy dance when I finally ate it, after 66.5h of not eating food or water (or 80.5h of not eating more than 300kcal)
  • I spent the whole day at the hospital and when I left it, I could actually kinda talk, and I could kinda swallow!!! So yeah I was really hungry for like 11h and when I got back I just had a feast on Huel, ice cream, bread and porridge for 1.5h LOL.
  • Lowkey interested to see what my weight will shoot up to tomorrow: 54.5-55.5kg I’m expecting…?


You seem to get sick pretty often! Have you had blood tests done to see if you’re deficient in something?


Crazy how tonsil issues hit different people.

When I had a tonsillectomy I was eating fish and chips within 6 hours :joy: Food > pain!


You should not be dehydrated, or if you are, the nursing staff and resident docs are bleepin’ incompetent! Those IV drips? Fluid!


Day 117

Weight: 52.8-9kg haha what!!! I thought after the ton of food weight and finally being able to drink and everything I’d be about 54.5kg. Losing 3kg in 3 days can’t be real weight loss…but I’ll take it. It’ll take a while to stabilise anyway.

Food Intake: (1859kcal in)

  • 60g NewHuel + 30g Nutrabolics
  • 1 strawberry dplus bun
  • 18g beancurd
  • 3 g Chinese beef
  • 76g milo ice cream
  • 103g yam ice cream
  • 1 packet chicken crackers
  • 1 cheese stick
  • ~200+g red bean fan bun
  • 1.5 bowls chicken porridge

Activity: (1585kcal out)

  • 5107 steps literally didn’t move today LOL

Other Observations:

  • Over the last 4 days I’ve calculated a deficit of 5462kcal dayum.
  • I’ve been procrastinating writing this but here goes.
  • Finally had (4) BMs!
  • ED: I must say it didn’t occur to me until it happened, but since my bulimia primarily started being of the binge-fast-binge-fast subtype…not eating for 2-3 days was a huge trigger to binge.
  • What happened: I’ve basically been eating non-stop from 12-7.30pm. Trying the food haul I brought from overseas; being excited as I slowly tested the different foods I could swallow. Feeling like I ‘deserved to’ eat whatever I wanted after suffering.
  • Possible reasons:
  1. Felt like I deserved to eat whatever after suffering.
  2. Felt like I deserved to after “losing 3kg” in 3 days. (But also still being like lol this isn’t real weight loss anyways)
  3. Not really having a plan: I haven’t really come up with a proper one since now my weight timeline may be shifted.
  4. I’m adjusting back to countries again.
  5. I’m still a little disoriented and haven’t processed everything since it’s been such a whirlwind.
  6. I was excited to eat things again after that absolute shit of a tonsillitis/quinsy. Eager to test what I could eat.
  7. I had several foods I brought back from China which I brought since I couldn’t try it there. Was exciting to try them too.
  • It’s tempting to be sucked into the whole lose-weight-fast! spiel again…but I’m going to consciously remind myself why it’s not as good as my gut feeling keeps prompting me it is
  1. MUSCLE LOSS. Muscle is hard earned, don’t lose it because you’re impatient.
  2. Mentally, what I want is consistency. I know that slow and steady HAS given me results, so why mess with that? I’ve already tried the binge-fast route before, and I know for a fact it doesn’t. Plus, I’d much rather regularly being able to indulge rather than having day long feasts and guilt and discomfort.
  3. Binge urges. This is one thing I’ve been fighting so hard to be rid of. I hate the feeling of being out of control (I nearly felt it today), but fasting triggers it. Nope nope nope nope nope nope.
  • What I did well:
  1. Drinking water
  2. IFing 12-8pm
  3. Giving myself slack and time to get back to routine back home again (and actually reflecting and setting a plan).
  4. Still trying to remember protein.


  • I’m now back home. I’ve tried most of the home-food I’ve wanted to. I have a coupla more China sweets left to try. I have a coupla friends I want to meet for meals, and probably a family buffet on 10/8. I wanna go clubbing at some point. I have 4 tubs of ice cream in the freezer from my impulse buy last morning when I was starving…oops :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. IF 12-8pm
  2. Water before & after meals
  3. 1500kcal
  4. At least 5000 steps, try to move
  5. Huel for lunch
  • I’m going to give myself until Tues/Wed to get used to being home again (settle into a routine and get outside) and let my weight stabilise. Until does, I’ll focus on my actions instead of the fluctuating weight, since I still don’t want to use 53kg as a ‘real’ starting point for losing weight.
  • I’m still recovering, so I’m not sure when I’ll hit the gym. I’ll probably hit it sometime this week though, and start getting back into a good and productive routine. I WANT DOZE MUSCLES. I’ll also go for regular dance classes.
  • I’d thought that I’d come back from China being 57kg, so now I’m a bit thrown off kilter. Not a complaint, though. I thought I’d have to be a lot stricter with myself, having my checklist of positive/negative reinforcement, making sure I ate a 500kcal deficit, eating around 1350kcal…but I suppose if I’m actually still consistently losing there isn’t any need for that. I may do a coupla 100% Huel days or a week, but I don’t think it’ll be anytime very soon.


Day 118

Weight: 53.5kg

Food Intake: (1379kcal)

  • 80g Huel + 30g Nutrabolics
  • Snacks – 1/2 dplus pumpkin bun, 14g dried beef, 2 eggwhites w nooch, 103g milo ice cream
  • Dinner – broccoli, shimeiji mushroom, steamed white fish
  • 128g yam ice cream

Activity: (1734kcal out)

  • nothing again because I was feeling really tired…but I’ll go to dance tomorrow!
  • oh but I realised that just walking around (like if I had a walking desk) while watching Netflix does help! 8046 steps

Other Observations:

  • I’m surprised at how annoyed I am with having lost weight much more rapidly than usual. It’s interesting seeing that I now see consistency as the gold standard over “losing the most amount of weight in the quickest amount of time”, a true testimony to how far I’ve come. And it’s not just being consistent and not gaining weight, but also the flipside of not losing weight too quickly.
  • Seeing how it affects me mentally, this is why I don’t want to lose weight much faster than 0.5-8kg in a week (and definitely not a kilo a day even if the option were possible) – It makes me keep obsessing over it. Over whether it’s sustainable, whether it’s fake, keep wondering when it’s going to go back, be scared of the binge urges I’ll have, being afraid it’ll overshoot and more (as it has before when I lost weight rapidly), of being afraid it’s mostly just muscle weight and when I gym again it’s going to go up, of being thrown off kilter wrt my long-term weight loss schedule…and trying not to be sucked into the allure of losing weight as fast as possible once more.
  • So my schedule was to hit 52kg by end-Sept/mid-Oct. Since the illness seems to have cut 2kg off the timeline, I’m going to reduce that to end-Aug/mid-Sept. Should be doable I think! But we’ll also see, I’m giving myself these 2 weeks to see how messed up my weight is (in the sense that before I knew exactly what my body was doing and now it’s readjusting itself back to homeostasis)


@squiggle hm I think my tonsils are just really problematic :confused: and stress levels HAHA

@GTIPuG WHAT HOW you are insane… I could barely swallow my own saliva haha

@fernly ah it probably did, but I wasn’t admitted into the hospital there; it was mostly just to get the antibiotics in so I don’t think it was sufficient fluid for hydration


Now you understand how much this kid loves food :eyes::joy:


Day 119

Weight: 53.7kg okay I think it’s safe to say that 53.5-54kg is now my legit starting point. I may have lost a lot of muscle but there’s nothing I can do about that except get better and start exercising again.

Food Intake: (1594kcal in)

  • 80g Huel + 30g Nutrabolics
  • 42 blueberries
  • 1/2 pumpkin dayplus bun
  • 3/4 red bean fan bun
  • 1 Premium Cioccolata Dayplus bun
  • 2 hanjuku eggs
  • 1 Tim Ho Wan pork bun ate this because I was feeling salty about not being able to eat dimsum in Hong Kong :<
  • 25g protein bar
  • cs 4-5 slices bread

Activity: (2225kcal out)

  • 1h dance class
  • buncha walking around – 14,601 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Ugh it’s so annoying, even though I’ve lost 1.5kg on the scale since 55kg, I honestly don’t look much different than I did at 55 since it wasn’t mostly fat :<< Yep, I definitely want to lose “fat” and not “weight”!
  • Getting back into routine! Feels amazing.
  • I went clothes ‘shopping’ yesterday (aka just trying out clothes because I’m trying to get a sense of style), which always used to be a source of anxiety and self-hatred. And…I really enjoyed it :smiley:
  • I guess as part of coming back to routine, I was a little mentally peckish/bingey yesterday, as evidenced by my incessant preoccupation with finding food pictures on insta, youtube videos etc.


Day 120

Weight: 53.3kg YAY my body ain’t broken and I still don’t break physics!

Food Intake: (1689kcal in, could be more from the bread)

  • 80g NewHuel + 30g Nutrabolics
  • 1 caramel dplus
  • a LOT of bread
  • 180g cheap ice cream
  • 2 eggwhites w 7g nooch
  • Dinner—100g fish, broccoli, 100g pumpkin, 100g mushroom

Activity: (2023kcal out)

  • 1h beginner hip hop

Other Observations:

  • Eating my Huel…I can’t help but stop and be excited at how much I LOVE the taste and just the general process of consuming Huel :’)) This routine is somewhat…therapeutic. Am I weird yet :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Had the hugest binge urges today :confused:
  • Will probably gain tomorrow; I really went into a binge haze on bread this afternoon for some reason :confused: BUT I am proud that I still decided to pick myself up after that; eat a nutritious dinner and go for dance as I’d planned.


Day 121

Weight: 53.5kg as predicted

Food Intake: (>2089kcal in)

  • 90g Huel + 25g Nutrabolics
  • 50g pineapple
  • 1 packet teddies (90kcal)
  • 20 blueberries
  • 2 packets veggie crackers
  • 43g Milo ice cream & 83g yam ice cream
  • 2 hard boiled egg whites
  • Dinner—2 chicken feet, steamed fish, broccoli, mushroom, pumpkin, nooch
  • 1 taro mochi
  • A Binge At 1am

Activity: (2003kcal)

  • basically none
  • so I realised I burned too little, so 1h of cycling (300kcal)

Other Observations:

  • So now, as I get closer to my goal weight of 52-53kg… I was a little at a loss of what I should now do. I decided that I still have a lot of fat I’d like to lose, so I’m going to be making 2 more goals: 50kg, then 48kg. We’ll re-evaluate then, when I reach it. So yeah now my timeline looks a little like this:
    1. 52kg (by end-Aug/mid-Sept)
    2. 50kg (by 25 Nov, giving some space for readjusting to the UK for 2nd year)
    3. 48kg (by mid-Jan, giving some space for Winter Holidays and who knows what plans I’d have for that)
  • I suppose when I hit 46-48kg, I’ll start focusing more on body re-composition (muscle & shiz) and will probably have to educate myself on that since my focus has been to “lose weight” for the last 7 years.
  • Had a really bingey afternoon again! :frowning: I think perhaps ice cream is still quite a triggerfood for me (although I didn’t purge it because I don’t wanna get any bacteria) I also woke up exhausted so that definitely contributed to mindless eating to stay awake.
  • I need to get out of the house more. When I don’t, I barely burn 1500kcal but when I’m out and about I effortlessly burn at least 1800. Note to self don’t bum around so much :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I’ve decided that after this weekend of eating out for at least one meal a day for the next 3 days, it’s time to get back to Huel and somewhat resetting my system/mind. Imma eat Huel 100% for 3 days next week from Monday to Wednesday. Not for longer because I have too many lunch dates ahaha. And why a coupla days of just Huel?
  1. I’ve been having quite a bit of psychological binges. Huel helps in that I know I’m getting all the nutrients, and it takes the guesswork out of “treat yoself”
  2. Resetting my self discipline and commitment to nourishing my body properly
  3. Creating a definite caloric deficit, since the last week or so in China and HK featured way too much guesstimation, which has somewhat carried on back home
  • I’m going to an a la carte buffet tmr with my family. Ngl it does stress me out a bit because I won’t be having Huel for lunch, and I’m really afraid I’m going to end up overeating. And I don’t have the safety net of purging. So I’m gonna try to think and plan ahead to avoid slipping too much
  1. IF 12-8
  2. Drink water before & during the meal
  3. Eat what’s worth it, not your “money’s worth”—my favourites, sashimi, eggplant, salted fish skin, beancurd roll. The rest I can try and all but I’m honestly there for those 4 and to spend time with family.
  4. Don’t go overboard, watch portion sizes. Law of diminishing returns.
  5. Don’t eat til I’m stuffed because it feels like absolute crap. Plus I’m gymming after so I don’t want to feel like a slug.


Day 122 (BINGE. :frowning: )

Weight: 53.7kg I gotta get my act together asap or I’m not gonna hit 52 by mid Sept.

Food Intake: (~3360kcal in)

  • Buffet Lunch (1600kcal)—20 slices sashimi, jellyfish, 3 eggplant, 3 fish skin, veggie, 3 coffee pork rib, 6 beef slices, 1 Siew Mai, sesame ball mochi, 2 ice cream puffs
  • “Dinner”–1/2 Huel Bar, 1/2 Quest cookies & cream
  • BINGE :(((((((((((((

Activity: (2258kcal out)

  • 45min treadmill incline walk
  • 35min BBG PT W3 legs

Other Observations:

  • It was hard. I was so stressed about it, subconsciously or not, that I even dreamt about the buffet in my sleep. I really did try, but I felt myself somewhat go into a binging haze at the buffet, especially on the salmon sashimi. Ehh I guess there are worse things to gorge on. But yeah I was uncomfortably full and I would’ve purged but I didn’t.
  • Instances like these remind my why I’d much rather consistency than binge-fast cycles which feel like absolute trash… I need to get back to routine.
  • ED: My binge-fast/compensate ED behaviour hasn’t reared its ugly head in so long…and I remember again why I need to recover. Being trapped in ED is a hellhole to live in, and it’s difficult to imagine and envision what the emotional hell is like while in the midst of it, in periods where I’m fine. Trying so hard to do the best I can, putting in so much effort to fight my demons, and finally succumbing…but periodically struggling to resurface from the current that threatened to pull me under. I emerged a 1500kcal binge (in under an hour) later, telling myself that I can stop and I will stop. I decided that even if I’d drastically overeaten, I was going to abide by my 8 hour eating window.
  • I’m proud that after much procrastination, I dragged my ass to the gym. I made sure I was clear: I wasn’t going to the gym to try to burn off all the excess calories (I’d be spending an eternity there); but I was going because I didn’t want to wait until the next day to be kind to myself. I knew that moving would make me feel better; remind myself what my body is capable of; a celebration of what it can do instead of punishment for what I ate. I knew that bingeing was self-destruction, as was not-exercising. And so I exercised, and it feels fantastic. I’m going to remember this: even if I’ve overeaten and feel the guilt, I can always make the decision to be kind to myself. Exercise helps me feel better, and it helps give my mind more clarity and drive to make plans to move forward from my mistakes.
  • Cracked out a bangin’ leg day – I mean, might as well put those carbs to some muscle-building good use, huh? (I’m p sure bro-science doesn’t work this way but oh well whatever gets me off my ass) I’m proud that I decided to exercise despite that voice telling me “might as well just sleep and laze around since your surplus is going to be massive anyway.”
  • Moving forward: Weeeeeeeeeell that was a MASSIVE surplus of 1100kcal…but I’m not going to compensate. I’m going to draw a line and write this off.
  1. IF 12-8pm. No excuses.
  2. Huel for dinner tomorrow.
  3. WATER!
  4. Not more than 1500+kcal tomorrow.
  • I’m going out for lunch tomorrow, but I can choose a lower-calorie option. :slight_smile: It will be a test of how well and quickly I can get back on track. What’s done can’t be undone, so the smartest move would be to maximise the binge: use it and the guilt as motivation to get back on track, to remember why I never want to go back there. Why I don’t want to have massive deficits which inevitably result in massive surpluses. Why I don’t want to fall back into the binge-fast cycle. I’ll report back tomorrow having adhered to the 4 guidelines! DIE DIE MUST STICK TO IT.
  • I’m surprised that at 3am, I don’t feel absolutely massive or bloated. Note to self: Exercise honestly works wonders. I wanna start exercising more regularly, these 1.5 months!


Day 123

Weight: 53.9kg less terrible than I’d expected…

Food Intake: (1594kcal in)

  • 1 bowl chicken congee it’s annoying bc I can’t estimate this properly ugh it’s probably about 650g?
  • 1 slice pineapple
  • 1 packet 4 Milo cookies
  • 1/2 Milo bun
  • 25g protein bar
  • 51g 1/2 Mama Milo bun
  • 98g mango
  • 60g Huel + 25g Nutrabolics
  • 2 Hanjuku eggs
  • some popiah filling
  • 54g small kaya bun

Activity: (2340kcal out)

  • 1h dance class
  • 16,903 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Reporting back on my 4 guidelines:
  1. IF’d from 1-7.40pm.
  2. Hueled for dinner.
  3. Drank water.
  4. 1594kcal…but tbh it could be anywhere from 1500-1700 because there were a bunch of estimates.
  • Slight difficulties (not very much so though)–there were several thoughts of wanting to binge on bread, or just screwing it and eating more than 1500+kcal, but ehh I did it!
  • Oh LOL I read back on my post on Day 100 and realised I’d written “no bakery buns for the month of August” OOOOOOOOOPS lmao well I guess that’s something I can still do if bread proves to be a problem/trigger. We’ll see.


Day 124

Weight: 54kg but also 2 days from period so I’m hoping it’s just the bloat

Food Intake: (2133kcal in)

  • 90g NewHuel + 25g Nutrabolics
  • 4 shrimps + veggie
  • 1.24 NTUC buns
  • 1.5 Mama buns
  • mango
  • Binge—1 kaya bun, 95g NTUC bun, 68g yam ice cream
  • 25g protein bar
  • etc.—egg, 1.25 Mama buns mostly filling, some cookie, pumpkin, dried beef, b&j

Activity: (1808kcal out)

Other Observations:

  • I had a huge binge on bread…again. So I’ve decided that I won’t be eating any more bakery buns for a month (until 12 September) (DPlus buns are ok if I only eat 1 + it has the calorie count listed) Why am I gonna commit to this?
  1. As hard as I’ve tried, bakery buns are a huge binge trigger for me at home. They just taste so good; the texture is fantastic; it’s rooted in a lot of emotional history and comfort for me…
  2. It throws all rationality out of the window. I’d easily down 1000kcal of bakery buns in less than an hour. My brain can’t stop to rationalise that for the same calories, I could eat a variety of things and Ben and Jerry’s etc. I hate being irrational.
  3. The pros outweigh the cons. Of being unstable, of bingeing, of purging, of feeling out of control. I want to show myself that I can stay away from my binge trigger, as a way of self care.
  4. It’ll be much easier to just get it out of my brain to not even have the consideration process of should I buy it? Like Sainsbury’s cookies in the UK.
  5. Tbh staying in a caloric deficit will be SO MUCH EASIER without the bakery buns.
  6. I can always eat it after 12th Sept if I want to. This is not forever, this is a break (like after a breakup and before becoming friends again)


Day 125 (99% Huel)

Weight: 53.8kg

Food Intake: (1479kcal in)

  • Lunch—112g NewHuel
  • Snacks—45g NewHuel w 12.5g Nutrabolics, 60g Huel granola, 1/2 Huel bar
  • Dinner—112g Huel w 3g ChocFS

Activity: (1890kcal out)

  • nothing much, 11,260 steps

Other Observations:

  • It actually feels great mentally committing to 99% Huel for the next 3 days. I’ve just finished my first shake, and am relieved to not have the options of bingeing on non-Huel foods. Also, I forgot how filling and satiating both physically and psychologically a full shake of Huel is!
  • 12.41am: So it’s the end of the first day of 99% Huel! I must say it was a success, and honestly not at all difficult. I DID occasionally want to eat other foods like dayplus bread or hanjuku eggs and my friends’ salmon sushi (since the lack of variety is kind of boring mentally), but I knew it was all psychological. The granola and Huel bar definitely helped to change things up though! My body was definitely sated: I was feeling very full for most of the day, almost too full. I had my Huel while hanging out with my primary school friends (tonsils are a great excuse oops, though not altogether false. There’s still the healing incision.) and had the best time. I almost felt like I was eating all the time since getting in 1500kcal of Huel in 8h is a sizeable portion.
  • It’s been a relief to not have had to worry about binging on bread. And not have to estimate my calories (since I’ve been doing that a lot recently) because Huel is so effortlessly precise. Again, drinking a day of Huel makes me feel like I’ve taken a step in the right direction to care for myself and establish routine.
  • I got a bit hungry at 11.30pm, earlier than my usual 1am.
  • I’m excited for tomorrow!!! I’m going to be experimenting with Huel and making Huel crepes :pancakes: !!! Stay tuned :wink:


I was a keen breaddie but during an even keener experiment with raw food a few years ago, I noticed that the yearning for bread quietly passed. I since learned that because taste-cells are routinely replaced, it is quite easy to ‘re-programme’ the taste buds - and I did notice they tuned in to fresh fruit and veg.this heightening the eating pleasure.

I tend not to eat bread much nowadays - the nutritional density (nutrients per calorie) is low - just if it’s offered as part of a meal in a restaurant. I am not sure if a Huel-rich diet will re-programme the taste-buds in the same way, as it’s a complex taste experience, but I suspect it may.