Day 1

So here we go. I made hurl 500ml water 100g Huel and put in fridge overnight. I steeled myself this morning at 7am for vileness. It was actually quite nice! I wouldn’t say yummy but perfectly drinkable.

I can see why refrigerating makes a difference to taste. I also blended in nutribullet so nice and smooth.

I’m doing breakfast only until Monday and then may introduce lunch too depending on how settling in.

I’ve decided to go for 1500 calories a day despite apparently needing only 1100 to lose weight simply because I don’t know where my metabolism is at post baby and breastfeeding. I rather suspect it may be ok given I’ve eaten terrible food and lots of it and stayed within 2kg of post pregnancy weight. So don’t want to go too hard and stuff up metabolism. I’m also not sure how active I am. I don’t go to gym or walk to work but I am lugging a 10kg baby around all day up and down 3 flights of stairs as no lift in flats so probably doing more than I realise!

It’s now 10.40 3.5 hours post Huel. I’m hungry but not starving. Slight headache and nausea. Feeling positive!

I shall update !


While using only Huel seems to be perfectly possible, if your goal is losing weight I would at least recommend you consider eating something else once a day that isn’t Huel that you can still track the calorie amount of, as well as maybe introduce some light exercise (1hr of walking will set you back about 170 calories).

The key to losing weight is having a routine that is bearable in the long term, and while it may work for some, I would never be able to stick to nothing but Huel. It’s not a miracle cure, and not a weight loss product (more than cutting calories eating anything else makes anything else a weight loss product).

Just my five cents, good luck!

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I’m on my forth day. Doing ok, although like you I’ve had a headache every day. Make sure you drink a lot. Best of luck.

@Dondons1uk Are you using Huel 100% or just breakfast at the moment?

@pzkpfw I think the OP is just using Huel for 1 meal a day currently. Totally agree that the key to weight loss is a manageable and sustainable plan.


Yes one meal and from today during week two meals. It’s really helped. I just know I’m not putting solids in my mouth but can reassure myself I’ve had good nutrition and it’s ok. It’s helping me keep in track and I feel fuller when eating my
Main nutritious meal.

So far so good

Still slight headache after consuming by that is easing

Pleased to hear you are doing well. Have you extra energy? I was advised salt for the headache. It might help you.