Day 76 and feeling 10/10

I have to say after 76 days of 100% Huel I’m feeling amazing! (I’ve eaten one meal out which was 100% vegan so technically not 100% but more like 99.9999% lol)

I’ve gone from 14.8 stone and 32% body fat to 12.12 stone and 13% body fat.

I’ve managed to gym every day on a split routine and only doing cardio 1-2 a week in the form of spin classes and its safe to say that i feel no inclination of fatigue.

Not only that I feel smarter from it, like the stuff i was eating before was lowering my ability to concentrate and learn new things. This is only compounded by the fact that I’m spending significantly less time preparing/eating food, giving me more time to do other things…

I’m now going to start introducing more calories through flapjacks made only from rolled oats, coconut oil and natural peanut butter. This is in order to achieve a maintenance calorie intake so that i don’t lose to much muscle mass or lead myself into fatigue in the future (or both).

Huel is is amazing, I don’t know why bodybuilders aren’t raving about it given that it would serve as a much more convenient way of getting their food in without cooking 5 - 8 meals of rice/chicken/broccoli each day lol…


Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Well done you. I completely agree that this would be very useful to bodybuilders.

Keep up the hard work and keep us posted!

I calculated 99.56140350877193%, based on replacing 1 of your 3 meals in 1 of 76 days.

Don’t mind me, I’m just pedantic :grinning:

As you were…


3 meals? I have 4 meals 125g huel in each :). I don’t know if that makes any difference fyi… lol

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Okay, that makes it 99.67105263157895% :slight_smile:


down to 12.9 stone now :slight_smile: I’ll throw an update up on day 100

That’s great going! You’re tempting me into trying 100% Huel too, at least for maybe a month at least. There seem to be so many birthdays, social occasions etc so I’m not sure how easy I’d find it but if I could get results anywhere close to yours it’d be worth it!

I’m really interested in what exact routine you’re following; exercises, sets, reps, rest times etc if you’re willing to share it? Or was it something you paid for?

Also, if you’re getting 2000kcals a day from Huel, did you calculate that as 500 below maintenance?

Hi Electrodan :slight_smile:

Of course I’m more than happy to share!

I follow an intermittent fasting routine with Huel, starting from 12:00, i have 4 shakes consisting of 125g Huel every 3 hours.

Exercise wise, i follow a 4 split routine with no rest days (E.g. Back day, Chest day, Leg Day, Shoulders Day). All of my exercises are 3 sets, 10 reps aiming for failure by the end of the third set. I also end all workouts with Hanging Leg Raises and then crunches on a sitting abdominal machine.

Back day: Deadlifts,Barbell Row, Cable Row, Wide Lat Pulldown, Short Lat Pulldown, T-Bar Raises,Underarm Pull ups.

Chest Day: Incline Bench Press, Flat bench Reverse Grip Bench Press, Dumbbell Pull Overs, Cable Fly, Machine Fly, Dips.

Leg Day: Squats (wide stance) 45 degree leg press (medium stance), Machine Leg Press (short stance), Inner Thigh Press (I hold the stretch on the expansion to improve flexibility). Leg Curl Machine, Leg Extension Machine. Calf Raises, Calf Presses.

Shoulder Day: Over Head Barbell Press, Barbell Shrugs (holding the bar below the arse and slowly running it up and above the arse and then holding for 2 seconds each time). Cable Lat Raises,Curl Bar Front Raises, Short Grip Shoulder Press Machine, Med Grip Shoulder Press Machine.

I Also partake in a spin class 1-2 times per week (depending on what working hours i do) which is 45 mins of high intensity cardio each time.

I hope this is everything but if I’ve missed anything let me know.

P.S. I don’t time rests between reps/sets, i just go by feel :slight_smile:

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I didn’t calculate how much of a deficit id be in from 2000 cals each day because i find it very hard to calculate exactly how much im burning from strength training and becuase i was quite overweight i wasnt to fussed about losing more than 2 pounds per week to start.

I’ve now introduced red skin peanuts between Huels in order to increase my calorie intake from today, as im now going to slowly increase my intake to reach a maintenance point and then slowly build as i continue to progress in weight at the gym :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the indepth reply, I really appreciate it.

I’m looking to change my workout routine possibly, so it’s always good to hear what is working for others. I built a gym in my garage with free weights, a squat rack, adjustable bench and chin/pull up/dip station and want to do more than I’m currently doing.

I definitely want to increase my Huel intake… I’m working on using up food in my cupboards and freezer first so it doesn’t go to waste. I’m hopefully of good results!