December orders going through?

Anybody else have problems with their December delivery?

My dispatch/delivery of December 18th has been and gone with no delivery of my subscription.

Order was completed, confirmation sent but strangely no money appears to have been taken and the delivery never showed.

I rarely get correspondence from the courier company either

Email to @teamhuel around a week ago and nobody has got back to me.

Yeah mine from the 31st also disappeared without trace, but that may have been because I brought the delivery date forwards.
I don’t know whether to place another order and risk ending up with two, but decided to wait it out a bit longer as I have Huel Black to keep me going for now

There’s a massive backlog I think with deliveries and emails…
Best thing to do is get on the live chat on the main website or phone them on 01296 678516

Hey @RichC,

I can see that you dropped us an email on Friday and again yesterday. Don’t worry, the team are working through these as quickly as possible and someone will be with you shortly.

As @ChristinaT mentioned, you can also reach out to us on Live Chat or give us a call for a faster resolution.

We’re on it!


Thanks for getting in touch,

Been getting this message whilst attempting live-chat.

I didn’t fiddle with the dispatch but did try to order some of the ‘Huel Black’ too.
Maybe I crashed the system?

Just wanted to see if it was a ‘December thing’ or just me.