Dehydrated? (Yellow urine)

Hey all,

Just finished my first week of Huel, replacing breakfast and lunch. I have had a huge issue of skipping these meals in the past and then binging on a big, unhealthy dinner and Huel has been a huge help already in letting me stick to my diet and keep hitting the gym. Down 7lbs, although thats probably majority water weight.

Speaking of, I’ve always been quite a hefty water drinker. Rarely let myself dehydrate and arguably with my Huel shakes being 4 parts water I’m drinking even more. I noticed however on the second day that my urine is coming out extremely bright yellow, almost fluorescent… this is worrying as I have a crippling fear of kidney stones and am always trying to stay hydrated. Has anyone else experienced this?

Again, I’m drinking 2 to 3 litres of water a day and I cant possibly drink anymore :joy:

I think bright yellow is more to do with vitamin overload than dehydration.

Edit - did a quick search and riboflavin is well known for creating neon yellow pee, and Huel contains 100% recommended daily intake of riboflavin.

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Oh great, thank you. This may actually be to do with some supplements I’m also taking in that case!

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