Delivery Blunder


Re; order number 15976606963463

Following receipt of Huel last month I went to your website and cancelled my subscription. However, I received a text this morning informing me a further deliver of Huel is expected tomorrow.

Since I cancelled my subscription in reasonable time, using your website, I will consider the item a gift or free sample. If this was not your intention I expect you to cancel the delivery. If, as seems likely, that is impossible due to timings I expect you to contact me to arrange an appointment that’s convenient for me so your courier can retrieve the unwanted and unopened box.

In addition, I expect all costs incurred by me which are a result of your error, to be reimbursed within five working days of the date of this email.

Please acknowledge your receipt of this message.

Best wishes

Mark Edwardson

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Hi Mark, that’s really bizarre. I see the team responded to your email yesterday, it looks like your subscription was set up under a different email address to the one you contacted us on. I believe you’ve now confirmed which is the correct email address with the team so we can get this sorted.

Sorry for any inconvenience.