Delivery non

I’m sorry to have to write negative however ordered 2 boxes Huel bats and 2 flavour sachets yesterday. Today only 1 box of bats came.

Please could you advise how to get rest of my order? I have emailed Huel with the delivery info so I hope this can be sorted.

I really love the product and was really looking forward to the sachets


I’ll say this again.

Wait for your email to be responded to before posting a problem like this on here. If it hasn’t been replied to promptly or satisfactorily then bring it into the public eye. Chances are in 24 hours the guys will have solved this for you.


Hi Matt

I hadn’t realised that you had responded to my post
where you have written “il say this again” this is the first response I have received

If u have sent something before this post then apologies but i didn’t get it.


I believe they meant they’ve said this in response to other posts like yours in the past, but not specifically your post.

Sorry, realise it may come off as harsh, but if you give it a day or two I’m sure Huel HQ will sort it out. We can’t help you on here.

Bats??? Which type?

Haha thank you xx

Delivery came In 2 steps but it’s ok I love this product xxxxxx

Thanks Marcus