Delivery prices - Northern Ireland, Scottish highlands, etc. will be lowered in two weeks

Hi Huelers,

We contribute exactly the same amount to all delivery charges, whether they be UK or outside the UK. However, within the UK there are certain regions which are nire expensive to delivery to, these are:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Scottish Islands
  • IOM & IOW
  • Channel Islands

For the first year of Huel we swallowed the additional charges, and in some cases that resulted in us losing money which is clearly not a good business practice.

After a long development process with Shopify we were recently able to identify a delivery address within the UK and if it was in one of the regions below a delivery charge was applied. (To be clear we contribute exactly the same amount of money to ALL deliveries, if there is a charge it’s the extra it costs above the standard delivery charge to “mainline UK”, all areas are treated exactly the same).

However, we have listen to people in these regions about their disappointment at a delivery charge. Over the last week we have negotiated with courier and are pleased to say that we have been able to reduce the amount without a change in the service. The new charges for up to 10kg are:

  • Northern Ireland: £3
  • Scottish Highlands: £3
  • Scottish Islands: £3
  • IOM & IOW: £3
  • Channel Islands: £5

This charges will be implemented on the 27th Sept


Hi Julian, that’s great news and will be much appreciated. Thank you.

The new lower prices are now live.