I always always always get diarrhea in the morning whenever I consume Huel. I usually prepare the shake the night before (with it or without coffee). I never have problems when I consume it for lunch or dinner though. Any hints on how to fix this?

The same topic came up earlier…slightly different scenario…it could run and run: Tips for avoiding diarrhea

I’ve never had diarrhea from Huel. I was going to say “Quite the opposite” but I don’t mean that either - it seems to be really good for my bowels! It’s amazing how different we all are…

People have probably mentioned this elsewhere, I had the same experience myself. It stopped though.
The reason is, if I’m right about your situation - if it was the same as mine, is because you’ve massively increased your fibre intake. Any huge changes in fibre, whether it be an increase or decrease, quite often causes diarrhoea and there’s A LOT of fibre in Huel, likely much more than you’ve ever been consuming before.
It should settle down.
If it doesn’t, then I don’t know what’s up.