Differences in smell

Hi, a friend of mine was delighted when she found out that I was using Huel as she has some that she wants to give away.
So I picks it up and noticed it was Huel 2.1 GF, so I gave it a sniff and it smelt strange. I gave mine a sniff (2.2 non GF) and it smells different but also strange lol.
Si I’m not sure of this batch is good or not.
I asked her when she opened it and she said it was sometime this year but she’s not sure. So it’s probably close arounf the 6 month stage.

What do you guys think should I expect it to smell different?
How would it smell if it had gone off?
Has anybody every tried Huel that’s older than 6 months?


The majority of Huel is made up of very natural ingredients which are subject to seasonal variation. Although we are rigorous in testing each batch of Huel to make sure it conforms to our specifications there can still be variations that are within our tolerance.

In this case there are also some differences. 2.1/2.2, GF/Original, brand new/6 months old. I expect any of these differences but particularly the latter has an had an effect on your Huel.

If the pouch has been opened (and resealed) for more than 6 months then it is past it’s best before and we can’t recommend eating it. If it is less than 6 months but hasn’t been sealed correctly we also wouldn’t recommend eating it.

Thanks Tim, I thought as much.
I can’t be sure exactly how long she’s had it or what she’s done with it but will give it a try, better than wasting it.
If it tastes wrong or if I feel bad I’ll chuck it :slight_smile:

My wife insists on having everything gluten free & I think everything gf smells and tastes funny, sort of dry and flavourless.

I used to be very picky and only use GF oats. But since I’ve done a little research, I’ve realised that oats themselves don’t have Gluten. The difference between GF oats and non GF oats us that the non GF oats are grown in fields where there’s a good chance products containing gluten are grown nearby thus there’s a high chance that the oat crop will be cross contaminated with gluten.
the upshoot of that is that if you have a gluten intolerance, you need GF oats. However, my opinion is that if you don’t have an intolerance and just want to avoid gluten (like me) then non GF oats are just fine