Digestive trouble only AFTER taking a break from Huel and going back on again

I know digestive issues have been covered quite extensively, but I can only find a few one-sentence comments about the issue below:

I was interested in Huel as a way to save time during breakfast and lunch. I ordered my first 2 bags of Huel about two months ago. I LOVED it. It was fast, tasty and made me feel great. I mostly used it for breakfast and occasionally at lunch or right after work as a snack. I finished both bags in about a month. After two weeks of procrastination, I ordered my second round of Huel. This time my experience was way different. I started to get really bad digestive issues like cramps, gas and diarrhea. I haven’t changed any daily routines or habits that I can recall, everything else seems constant.

Does anyone else have similar experiences? I don’t think the formula changed since I ordered my first batch.