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Hi I’m wondering if you can help me…
I’ve started a new diet totally based on your products/skakes…

I’m male around 140kg, 6ft, 37,Yr old and and I’ve tried every diet going for past 5y or so. Even a stress diet eating a couple hundred calories per day.

Now my question ; how many of your shakes do I need per day, calories wise to hit maximum weight loss. That is safe long term.

I started using my new fitness pal and it tells me I need around 2200 per day. I cannot physically do this. I have a rare bowel disorder.

Could you please make a page on people like myself, couch potato (disabled) can loose weight using your products.

I need your knowledge what shake to have and when. I’ve been on this diet over a month. Just drinking skakes. No food. And I’d really like your help. Could you spare some time and help a loyal customer please and give me the guidance needed.

Id super appreciated it!!



Hey Kevin, of course I can spare some time to help you.

Have you spoken to a dietitian? They are trained professionals who can help you on a 1:1 basis giving you personalised advice which I can’t give over an online forum. They have a search tool here.

We have an introductory page on how to lose weight which you might find helpful.

You could have any Huel powder: v3.0, Black Edition or Essential to help you lose weight. I wouldn’t recommend 100% Huel as this isn’t sustainable for most people and some aspects of a varied diet are lost.

Without more information, such as, how are you disabled? When you mention 2200 calories, do you mean you can’t have that much, or you can’t go down to that little, and why? Etc, it will be difficult for anyone to help much.

However, one piece of general advice I would give to anyone that has been on a diet for 5 years and not lost (much?) weight, is to move to a fairly moderate diet.
Set your calories like you are at your goal weight, that sort of thing.
That way you will still lose weight, and a lot of weight at first, but more importantly, it’ll allow you to see what staying at your goal weight long term would be like, and sets up good eating habits, making it more likely you can stick to that weight when you eventually reach it.

My worry from your question would be that you have said you’ve been dieting for 5 years, and diets have not worked, but you are still asking how to hit “maximum weight loss”. I’ve seen a lot of people try to attack the issue as quickly as possible and just ending up on unsustainable ways of eating, and then bingeing, or just going back to eating as they had previously. Then the weight just returns.

No sorry my weight app tells me I could war up to 2200 cals per day however I couldn’t eat or drink that if I tried. I’m currently sticking to drinking shakes trying to balance out around and very close to 1200. Yes I understand weight does come back quickly but im really determined to say good bye to this fat forever!

On my stress diet I hardly eat. And put lots of weight on. I was suffering from a new medical condition that I thought I was dieing with for many years. I can’t eat and have no appetite when stressed or in pain. So I struggle getting 1200 down, somethimes fast on that when having a neuro/bad day. That’s just how things are my friend

I really wouldn’t recommend dropping to 1200kcal Kevin. As mentioned in the link I posted above it’s better to aim for 500kcal less per day than what you need to maintain your weight.

However, with your disorder I think you should speak to a professional to help provide you with the best weight loss diet for you and continued support while you follow this diet.

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Yeah, I echo the above, and recommend you speak to a professional.

For most people, to maintain 140kg, they would need to be eating over 3000 calories a day (using the harris benedict formula). And that’s assuming no exercise and not a lot of movement.

If you are saying you eat less than half that, either you are miscounting calories (by a lot), or it’s a red flag for a medical issue.

On the counting calories side of things, if you physically can’t have more than 6 scoops (3 “meals”) of Huel a day, I am not sure it’s right for you in any case, as long term you won’t get enough nutrients from it.

If you can’t eat more than that, I would seek medical advice. If you are eating that little amount of calories and not losing weight, I would seek medical advice.

Really, I would just seek medical advice.

Thanks for the reply and I appreciate your time.

I also echo what your saying and agree in every sense.

Unfortunately I’m at that stage with the NHS having a neuro disorder they use that for everything that goes wrong. “kind of an umbrella for what they don’t know” about my condition. So I’ll get no help from them apart from WW. Which I don’t need when stick on a high protein low carb&fat diet…
Red flag! NHS, meh. Even a gastric band wouldn’t help me as I dont eat enough. I’ve done all the reasearch. Hundreds if not thousands of years since I was in my prime.

Strange thing is I used to move alot of iron my biggest chess press at my weight now. 140kg. So I know how to stack, don’t the opposite and failed its like my body’s stuck in stack mode. Noting in my body’s went right since my neuro started and the more I think about it this could be linked as I’ve checked my fitness pal and steadily gained weight since my mini stroke.

Thanks for reply though I do appreciate your time around this head boggling question…

All the best


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