Do you chew your Huel?

Frivolous post for a Monday afternoon. I was just having my lunchtime Huel and noticed that I was chewing… I mean, there’s no need to. There’s nothing to chew but, I think on some level my brain feels more satiated if I do that.

Are you a chewer too? Or do you think the lockdown has made me go cray cray?

I chew mine too


i chew nothing ever again

now i have cancer

make sure you chew 15 times a day

or your head will fall off

thats what my doctor said

I haven’t chewed Huel ever since I got a blender some years ago.

Yes, I blend it and then I chew. It helps mixing huel with saliva, so there is some purpose to it. Chew on!

As someone who has previously had cancer twice I find flippant remarks like this pretty offensive. Exactly what point were you trying to make?


We use a Nutri Ninja and it blends Huel so smooth there is nothing to chew.

I make mine quite thick so I usually chew whether blended or shaken. Don’t like it too watery.

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im sorry.

no further comment.

I blend mine too. Not chewing because I need to - but I guess it feels wrong to chug 400 calories in one go.

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