Do you get excited for deliveries?

Breaking away from just Huel for a second but does anyone else get excited about deliveries? I have a new Huel delivery today and I can’t wait even though I already have everything that’s coming in my package today. It’s not just Huel though, if I am not expecting a parcel I am looking for things to buy just so I can get a parcel.
It’s something that has escalated during lockdown but please tell me I am not alone!

  • I also get excited by parcels!
  • What are you on about fool!

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My Huel deliveries come via FedEx, so getting excited about their arrival is basically setting yourself up for consistent disappointment and an empty wallet.

Ironically – during lockdown, by far the most efficient and reliable courier services have been the smaller/domestic services such as Grab, J&T etc. who consistently deliver ahead of schedule – running rings around the big boys like DHL’s domestic service.

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Mine has always been next day and on time. Get mine via DPD though

What did you get in your delivery?! I know what you mean it can be pretty satisfying when you get your next batch👌🏻and even more so when you know it’s coming the day after!

Can’t say I am actively looking to get a parcel of something though! It’d be interesting to know why that is for you? I guess it’s fulfilling a sense of gratification?

Now who’s being nosy :wink:

I got me 3 H&S (Chilli [Obvs] Madras and Thai Green Chilly), 2 RTD’s (Banana & Chocolate) a new scoop and a Coffee and Caramel Bar NOM!

yeah FedEx (sadly) handle the international deliveries - when they started the contract they were pretty good - I could reasonably expect delivery to the door within 36 hours of placing the order with little or no taxes and duties. these days it takes 2-3 weeks and fraudulently inflated charges as much as 110% of the purchase price.

I really dont drink that much these days - but alcohol definitely used to be the source of most of my surprise deliveries - drunken e-commerce binges have seen many odd and inexplicable purchases arrive unexpectedly in the past :laughing:


Yes, always! It could be Huel, or anything else. I just love the buzz of post that’s not a mail shot or admin stuff. I don’t buy for the sake of it, but with a new hobby it’s been extra fun recently while I get bits for it. I also like writing letters (and sending them obvs) because I’m actually ancient on the inside :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

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Release the kid in you, throw away the item and play with the box


a fair amount of the drunken purchases I made, the packaging proved more useful than the product anyway :slight_smile:


I think the inner paper wrappings are more fun! Today I had some coffee pod recycling bags delivered. I had assumed they would come in an envelope, but they were in a large open box, in another (sealed) box!

One of my favourite books I finished recently when I was a kid was a book all about a boy’s imaginative adventures with just a cardboard box - pirate, spaceship, race car. So much inspiration.

This is one of the best Huel box inventions I’ve seen


No, I hate it. Usually I am not at home and have to get everything I order somewhere at the postal office or from a neighbor. Then transport it. And of course get rid of the packaging.