Does your Huel go off on your bedpost over night?

The answer is maybe not in one night. But try leaving half a flask open for a weekend on your desk at work. After having tried every method of cleaning I can think of from warm water up to and including bleach and eventually kitchen surface cleaner I’ve had to bin the container because the smell has just tainted the plastic and anything I put in there immediately smells and eventually tastes of rotting Huel.

I came into an office on Monday that had stopped work and was hunting down the smell. They were convinced an animal had died and shat itself somewhere in the office when I found it the smell was truly blood curdling - somewhere between rotten uncooked chicken and rancid milk - amazing.

I guess it should be expected given the coverage of nutrition it has, but wow! Possibly helps to explains some of the unpleasant toilet experiences people have when they first take it up :smile:


Good to know, if ever I want to leave a ‘treat’ for someone :smiley:


Very interesting

I am curious about the stench tbh and the smell it makes the human body produce

Surely something that stinks so bad and makes someone emit such foul smelling gas cant be so great ?


And the reply? No, it’s my lunch… :joy::joy::joy:


If anything that can mean it’s better and purer for you. I throw away all my left over food, vegetable cuttings, old chicken bones, coffee granules and so on into my green bin. Naturally it’s left to decompose and is then collected by the bin men. The smell emitted from that thing when it’s open is just wrong!

You need to start worrying about a food when it doesn’t smell after being left out!


Absolutely spot on. Have you seen any of the classic photos of fast food after many years and it looks identical? That is concerning! I don’t think anyone needs to be concerned that leaving Huel for an extended period of time when mixed with water it goes off. That seems a fairly natural process.

Thoroughly enjoyed the story though! I immediately thought of this scene from Anchorman, from about 0:22.