Doesn't keep me full anymore

I’ve been using Huel since 2018. It’s my go-to lunch at work and would keep me full for 6-8 hours and used to work well until the past year or so.
I did not gain weight and got hungrier, in fact I went from 24 to 21 BMI in the past 2 years.

I’m using the recommended dosage of two cups and it’s simply not keeping me full for more than a couple of hours. If I drink my shake at 1pm I get hungry at 3pm and get into a bad mood.
Sure, I could increase the dosage to 3 cups but that means I would need more water (I don’t drink milk) and I’m already at a 1l bottle.
And also the price would increase meaning I might as well cook myself, especially now that I got a steamer that cooks food with minimal effort.

I’m drinking Huel Black. Was something changed with the powder?
Seems it’s time to move on.

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Did you notice this change suddenly after changing batch of powder? Or was it more gradual? Like: from 6 hours down to 4-5 some days, and now down to 3?

Maybe you’re just burning more calories than you used to? Is there any change in your lifestyle? Are you getting more bored at work than a few years ago or is it “real” hunger? Or maybe it’s your brain wanting to get back to your former weight. It looks like there is such a thing as your brain “tricking” us into eating more than our body needs (but I would have to look into serious studies tbh)… just a few thoughts.

Hmm I don’t think there are any changes which would alter this. Especially Black Edition. In v3.0 we have made changes in the years gone by to the texture to make it smooth, but those changes are to the oats generally, which BE doesn’t contain.

@kassandra has asked some good questions I would be interested in knowing the answer to.

We have some interesting content here around cravings and hunger, which may or may not be relevant.

I found this but I also had stopped going to the gym so wondered if the two came hand in hand. Going to pick up home workouts to see if that solves the issue.