Donating almost full batch

For some reason i can’t delete the post.

UPDATE: it’s been given.

Sorry for not responding to everyone but i am at work and i wasn’t expecting sooo many texts.


Hi guys. I have a full bag(sealed) and an opened one missing about 8 meals. This is not for me, it gets me nauseated and i can’t go through a day’s work after that. Tried several times, adding more eatter, eating it slower, no results. I’ve read that it goes after a week or so but I couldn’t bear with the feeling at work so I will just eat normal food for now.
I want to donate it because i don’t like to waste and it’s basically a full batch. I would prefer giving it to someone who is accomodated with it and know will use it rather than a new starter but if one promises not to waste it if he doesn’t like it I could make a conpromise. Sent an sms at 07493597780, first come, first served.


Is this vanilla or uflavouredn?

I did send you a text (Mark) but I don’t have any signal. Don’t worry about it now I’ll let someone else have it.

Good old technology :slight_smile:

Also sent a txt asking the same…