Durability of opened H&S

I started seeing Huel ad-posts in my feed again and learned in the comments that H&S only lasts one month when opened, and got this confirmed on the site. I was surpised and a bit concerned by this as I’d never heard it before. I order in big bulk to get as much discount as possible, and if I want to vary between flavours I need to have several bags opened at the same time which means one bag can take a long time to finish. What are the changes in quality for a bag that’s been opened for, let’s say three months? Does it affect the nutrition or even become unhealthy? I may have noticed some decline in taste now that I think about it but nothing too bad.

I’m surprised you’re surprised :rofl: any food that you open will start degrading the moment you open it – even long life storage solutions such as canning and freeze drying. The stated shelf life of foods is just that – the amount of time its contents are shelf stable i.e sat unopened in normal environmental conditions.

There is no set amount of time opened food will last – factors that determine how long it will last after it is opened include: the quality of the food at the time it is opened, the degree to which food is exposed to oxygen / moisture and the degree to which food is exposed to radiant energy (heat and light).

The moment you open your food packaging you expose it to all the things its packaging is designed to keep out – gas, moisture etc. Once you have opened any food pack, you can prolong its shelf life by storing the contents in a cool, dark and (relatively) airtight environment – such as putting the entire product in an airtight container in a cupboard.

The main issue you will face that the Huel team have addressed previously, is the gradual degradation of the nutritional value of the product. However – if they food’s taste has changed noticeably, probably best not to continue eating it.

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Glad I could amuse you, I hope you’re having a good laugh at my expense, just as the emoji shows. I’m surprised you’re surprised I’m surprised since we don’t all have the same experience and knowledge. I’m open to learning new facts, and so I did. I’d like to hear from the Huel team now.

Hello Tomas - no offence was meant - it’s just a basic fact that food degrades when it opens - you dont need any special knowledge or experience for that. Anyone can give you ball park figures, but as I mentioned - how long your food lasts depends on the many variables on how you store it - so it could be much longer or much less.

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