Eating healthier

I’ve just eaten an entire packet of tuc biscuits.

As you were.


Oh dear :slightly_frowning_face: One leads to another… That’s why I don’t even buy things like that…

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I know. They may well just sell a giant tuc biscuit instead of lots of smaller ones because once the packet is open


It’s the extra gums isn’t it?

I guess, but how? With so little almond milk…

this cracked me up :joy: I do love my kg though (…just…not on me in the form of fats xD)

all the best on your journey!! I second what the others say about the infuriatingly slow 0.5kg/week loss. I’ve had a similar rate of loss over the last year, and while it’s agonisingly slow, I’ve lost ~14ish kilos & 6 BMI points since with Huel too :slight_smile: It does add up and helps to cultivate habits we can sustain for life!
will be following your progress :smiley:

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