Eating nothing but Nutella for a week

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He made the classic mistake of going 100% Nutella straight away. He should have started by just replacing 1 meal a day with Nutella, then once his body got used to that after about a week or two, upping it to two Nutella meals a day, and then a few weeks later progressing to 100% Nutella. This gives the body time to adjust.


Hehe, pity he didn’t mention the Nutella farts.

Seems like he didnt work out his calorific needs and hugely under ate.

…and get drunk on his second day of the “experiment”. Totally useless article however you look at it.

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I don’t think it was meant to be a useful article, it is just wonderful comedy at the expense of someone’s health!

Maybe the next article will be about someone spending a week drinking petrol instead of water.


It might make you really fast.

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I wonder what would happen if you tried to set fire to your wee.

Sorry everyone, I’ve lowered the tone.