Eating only Huel to lose 8-10 kg in 2 months


Hi All,

I just started using Huel as food substitute - I’m on day 4.

My goal is to lose 8-10 kg in around 6-8 weeks -

In order to reach this goal and Based on the weight calculator you mentioned in the website I should consume around 1800 kg per day. I’m eating huel 4 times a day - 6 days a week - 100gr breakfast 150gr lunch 100gr in the afternoon and 100gr for dinner. I eat it blended with water but I put less water than suggested as I prefer it with a more solid consistency.

My question is: are there downside /collateral effects from eating only powdered food mixed with water in the short/medium terms?


I’d say that’s too much weight loss to be aiming for on that space of time, in my honest opinion.

The max I’d really aim for is 2lbs (0.9kg) per week, anymore is quite hard on the body.

Unless you are really overweight?


I was 78kg my ideal weight should be 69-70kg - Normal calories intake is 2300 , with Huel I count around 1800 a day - I’m not really overweight , the goal is to eliminate belly and love handles fat


A deficit of 500 isn’t going to hit 8kg loss in two months. Perhaps you can expect 4kg loss in that time? Around 1lb a week.

A 1000 deficit will net you 1kg per week (roughly) but this is at the upper end of safe. If it’s only for a few weeks, you’re unlikely to see any ill effects, but any longer than that will eat away muscle mass and affect you mentally.


Ive lost 5.4kg in 2months since being on a almost 100% huel diet (give or take a couple of normal meal here or there) and I’ve topped up the protein to 150g per day, so I’m at 30/30/40% ratio (carbs,fats,protien)

1500-1800cals per day and I would say I’m still hungry.

I can’t see loosing 8-10kg is possible in that time frame, not without loosing muscle structure and definition.


You’re always going to be hungry while in deficit, your body is desperate to retain mass - It thinks you’re starving :smiley:

Always cracks me up when obese people say to me in person “I’ve tried dieting but I just feel hungry”. YES DENISE, THAT’S THE POINT!!!