Eating real food worry

Ok, I’m not going to lie but my mum (I still live at home) she’s concerned that I don’t eat enough (I’ve recently been diagnosed with ‘spelt’ intolerance) basically nearly everything plus ‘dairy’ just my luck! So my question is, is there anything I can eat, (I’m willing to put myself through stomach cramps) without dairy or spelt in it…i possible can’t just rely on a liquid diet of huel all my life…(the gluten-free, dairy-free) version

Spelt isn’t in much - are you sure that’s what it is? Cutting out dairy isn’t all that difficult, especially these days with all the alternatives around. If it’s gluten you can’t have, which is in a lot of things, that can be tricky, but once you are used to the new list of things you are buying and eating, it shouldn’t be too difficult.


You can eat pretty much everything. Except wheat and dairy. All vegetables, Rice, Corn, oh too many foods to list. This may seem like a disaster right now but honestly, after like 3 weeks of getting used to not having toast and pasta and pizza and cheese sandwiches you will think why on earth was I living on those bland foods in the first place??
I also cannot have gluten (all gluten, not just spelt) or dairy, and honestly don’t feel deprived whatsoever.
You pretty much just have to cut out processed and convenience foods. Oh wait! Nope you can still have convenience - that’s where Huel comes in yippee! And when you’re not having Huel for convenience you can cook all kinds of awesome tastiness from fresh whole tasty healthy ingredients.
This is a blessing in disguise… X


Just feels so hard when everyone else can have potatoes, pasta, pizza ane everything else without reacting and the minute I taste something like that, I bloat out, turn red and get purple ears…quite embarrassing lol

Potatoes don’t have gluten/spelt, or dairy. It sounds like you don’t exactly know what you’re allergic or intolerant to?

You can even have pizza and pasta. There’s tons of gluten free options these days. And like a previous poster said, you can eat pretty much everything. Even without getting special gluten free items: most real food doesn’t have gluten or dairy to begin with. But if your definition of real food was/is pizza, then… Well. Yeah.


Really? That’s when you eat potatoes, pasta and pizza? What does spelt and dairy do to you then?

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